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The ideal time for you to take your business to a new level of success and satisfaction is now. It starts with specialist Small Business Coaching

If you are tired of things being challenging then it is time to do things differently.  A different approach allows you to achieve the results you’ve been aiming for and missing. It was Einstein who said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result was the definition of insanity! Instead invest in your future with specialist small business coaching


As a small business owner the reality is surviving in the business world is challenging. It is hard. It’s not getting any easier.  It takes more than it ever has to be a success.

Old style ways of working, learning, engaging your team and defining the future are no longer cutting it.  It is time for a new, fresh, bold approach. Specialist small business coaching programs with a coach dedicated to small business and teaching small business owners like you to do less to achieve more is what it’s all about.

To be a business that thrives well into the future, making it’s beautiful mark on the world, requires a new type of thinking, acting and being.  Personal leadership principles lie at the core of this new approach along with the right business and marketing education and focused small business coaching.

A new version of success can start to thrive after the right foundations are built. It comes from learning how to market your business with the support of small business coaching, providing you with personalised support focused on your goals and desired results.

At Creative Possibility we believe Small Business Coaching can help you achieve your goals and vision, without all the drama.  We believe Small Business Coaching can accelerate your results, remove your pain and ensure you are on a fast track to your own effortless success. We believe Small Business Coaching is about supporting you, your team and your business in a way that works for you.

As our founder Shannon Bush says “As an award winning business coach with award winning clients, I specialise in coaching and teaching motivated, success focused business owners how to harness core strengths, create their own effortless success and market to thrive. It all starts with the right business and marketing education and specialist Small Business Coaching.”

Contact us today to find out how you can transform your business, do less and achieve more and market with ease, but without the hefty price tag! It’s all about totally thriving in business and life.

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You were born to be a success.  You, your team, your business.  Success is within your reach. You can become a Thriving Entrepreneur

Creative Possibility founder, award winning business woman and international best selling author, Shannon Bush believes every small business deserves to thrive.

At Creative Possibility we offer a diverse range of success focused small business coaching programs and solutions designed to teach you how to acquire more leads, make more conversions, close more transactions, charge the right prices and make more profits. Shannon offers over 20 years experience in the personal and professional development space drawing on skills gained across a variety of different industry sectors including specialist training and expertise in small business development and marketing to ensure you get the results you deserve. Since 2009 Shannon has coached and mentored countless individuals from around the world to ignite the switch that shifts them into being able to effortlessly do less, achieve more and live their own, self created, version of effortless success.

Shannon works with small business owners; small business coaching, marketing coaching and consulting, educating, motivating, innovating and more. To learn how she can support you to thrive into the future with a fresh, bold approach contact a member of the Creative Possibility team today.


“Shannon, your impact has been tremendous.  As a business coach you have helped me focus on my plan, prioritise my activities and become more efficient.  From a personal coaching perspective you have been a fantastic sounding board and you have helped me understand issues from many different perspectives.  You also have a gift for stripping away the layers of an issue and getting to the heart where it can be solved.  You have gently pushed me when I needed it most and that has made a world of difference in both the personal and professional aspects of my life.  For that I sincerely thank you.”
~ Michelle Finerty | Dynasty Conveyancing

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