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025 – Power of Self Value with Laura Elkaslassy | LOE Podcast

In episode 25 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, host Shannon Bush discusses the power of self value with Laura Elkaslassy, Profit Pioneer from Adroit Business Solutions. This second of 4 weeks of powerful conversations in celebration of International Women's Day [...]

024 – International Women’s Day | Periods and Business with Stasha Washburn | LOE Podcast

Welcome to Episode 24 of Law of Effortlessness, a special episode for International Women's Day 2017. In this episode, Shannon Bush talks with Stasha Washburn, The Period Coach. Shannon and Stasha discuss all things about your period and how it [...]

023 Part 2 – Magnetic Me | Personal Leadership Insights | LOE Podcast

In Part 2 of Episode 023 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, Shannon reveals the remaining archetypes in her Personal Leadership Style framework and she also talks about her new program ‘Magnetic Me’. You can listen to Part 1 of Episode [...]

023 Part 1 – Magnetic Me | Personal Leadership Insights | LOE Podcast

Have you ever wondered who you are? Thought about what makes you unique? Considered you may have more to offer - if only you knew how to tap into your strengths in a bigger way? In Part 1 of Episode [...]

022 – Facebook Groups As A Marketing Strategy| Shannon Bush | LOE Podcast

In Episode 022 of Law of Effortless Podcast, Shannon Bush shares her thoughts on Facebook Groups as a marketing strategy for your business. Are you already in Facebook groups? Are you actively engaged in the group? Are you known and [...]

021 – Facebook Live, An Untapped Marketing Strategy | Caylie Price | LOE Podcast

In Episode 21 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast Shannon Bush welcomes a new guest to talk all about Facebook Live and how it's still a relatively untapped marketing strategy when she chats with Caylie Price, from Better Business, Better Life. [...]

020 – Business and Creativity, A Match Made In Heaven | Elle Roberts | LOE Podcast

In Episode 20 of Law of Effortlessness, Shannon Bush talks with Creativity Champion and founder of Artful Business Conference and Community, Elle Roberts all about business and creativity and how beneficial they are to each other. Hear the ladies talk [...]

019 – Contributor vs Guru Phenomenon | Shannon Bush + Swapna Thomas | LOE Podcast

During Episode 19 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, Shannon Bush and her #SmartGirl buddy, business mentor, Swapna Thomas muse on the topic of ‘The Contributor vs Guru Phenomenon’. Discover how you don’t have to be the know-all, be-all of every [...]