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LOE 035 Blending Business With Life w/ Teressa Fisk | Podcast

LOE 035 Blending Business with Life | Teressa Fisk Shannon Bush Podcast Business Coaching

In Episode 035 of Law of Effortlessness, your host, Shannon Bush talk with Business and Lifestyle Mentor, Teressa Fisk about blending business with life.

Teressa shares very openly about her journey in her business and the ups and downs she has had and how she has blended her business with her life. The blending business with life journey is different for everyone.  Teressa has worked with many other business owners to help them create their own version of blending business with life.

Has your business taken a different turn that what you expected it would? Listen in to the advice Teressa has for you.

Shannon and Teressa discuss some practical steps to making the blend of life and business happen.

Can you put some of these suggestions in your day and life? How would your business grow if you took some time for yourself and looked at blend over balance perhaps? There is some great practical wisdom you can implement today to make the blending of business and life a little better and easier.

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“If you have an amazing and gut feeling and believe in what you want to do, just take those steps to go for it”

“Look at your day. Work out some new rituals. Block out an hour and do something you love doing.”

“We don’t have enough play in our life.”

“Listen to yourself. Just be and see what comes up for you.”

LOE 034 | Perfectionism Be Gone w/ Claire Barton | Podcast

LOE 034 Perfectionism Be Gone | The Recovering Perfectionist Claire Barton | Shannon Bush Business Coach Perth

In Episode 034 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, you host Shannon Bush, talks with Claire Barton who is a list-ticking, action-taking, colour-coding, butt-kicking, organising goddess and productivity guru who helps entrepreneurs to simplify their processes, make a plan and take real action.  Today this is all about perfectionism and how to tackle it.

Claire admits she is also a Recovering Perfectionist. Claire shares about her journey in business from where she started to where she is now. Claire and Shannon talk all about perfectionism and how the ‘Recovering Perfectionist’ came about. Claire share that you are never going to totally get rid of your perfectionism, so if this is the case, you need to find a way to be ok with being a perfectionist.

What would that look like for you in your life and business? Perhaps you could give your inner perfectionist a job to do, give her a purpose. Not everything in your life and business needs to be perfect. Sometimes the fact a job or task is done but not perfect if enough.

The ladies encourage you to focus on the celebrations in your life and business; focus on the small wins. Do you suffer from comparision-itis and let it stop you from sharing your services because there is already something similar out there? Claire and Shannon muse over comparison-itis and they pose a question of how can you refine your methodology and services to become more inspired, creative and confident to get your services out into the world?

Deliver your version, your way. Listen in, be inspired and see what you can take from this wonderful episode.

Mentioned Links and Links To Connect

Connect with Claire in these awesome places; her website, her cool Facebook group, her podcast, The Recovering Perfectionist, Instagram and Twitter (can you tell she loves to chat!)

Join the Thriving Entrepreneur Facebook group for women entrepreneurs

Connect with Shannon on her Facebook business page

Connect with Shannon on Instagram

Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“It’s a really important thing to just be ok with working out what that balance looks like for you and what your comfort level is”

“You are never going to totally get rid of your perfectionism”

“Be ok with being a perfectionist”

“Give your inner perfectionist a job to do, give her a purpose”

“Don’t be the best kept secret!”

“Focus on the celebration. Focus on the small wins. Trust the process.”

“Deliver your version, your way”

The 4 Step Formula For Marketing That Converts

4 step marketing formula | marketing that converts | business coach Perth | Marketing strategy

Marketing is about building exceptional relationships.  It’s an essential function of business and great marketing is the difference between consistent, sustained growth and stagnancy.  If marketing is about relationships, then the question to ask is “how do you create these exceptional relationships?”

The 4 Step Marketing Formula – to create marketing that converts – provides a framework you can apply to any marketing or promotional strategy.

It’s relevant to email marketing, print media, digital marketing, social media marketing, networking – any marketing strategy you can think of can be viewed from this formula and I believe it is the backbone of confident content marketing.  It can be applied in any business and any industry.  Once you understand the 4 steps you’ll be able to look at the way you market and adjust your approach with greater confidence.

I’m all about making marketing easier so let’s look at the 4 steps one by one.

:: interrupt :: it’s all about getting attention

How do you get someone’s attention when you’re marketing and promoting your business and yourself?  It starts with the first impression.  When you’re marketing “in person” it’s about how you present yourself, starting with whether you can clearly articulate who you are and what you do.  When we talk about the online space it’s still about first impressions.  How do you show up?  Is it consistent, on brand and on message?
These are things to consider when your goal is to get someone’s attention; to interrupt them long enough that they can become engaged and want to learn more, listen longer, read more or follow what you’re sharing all the way to the end.  Your headlines, imagery, brand – they are all first impressions.  What sort of first impression are you making and would you get your attention?

:: engage :: show you understand your prospects and your clients in a genuine way

Once you have someone’s attention the next step is about generating engagement.  It is about capturing that attention and it’s achieved by showing you understand your prospects needs, that you understand who they are and what’s important to them.  It is more than simply listing their pain points and a bunch of convincing statements to try and show someone you can change things around for them if they invest in x, y or z.  Genuinely show people you “get them” and what they are looking for.  Be aware of the language being used in your copy, the messages being shared and even the images you’re using.  Is the body of your marketing aligned with your attention getting activity?  If not what can you change?

:: educate :: share your knowledge generously

Educating your prospects is one of the simplest ways to reassure them that you are, in fact, the person they have been looking for to help them with whatever it is they need help with.  Simple really, yet something many business owners struggle with.  What specific knowledge do you have that your prospects are looking for?  How can you share that knowledge in bite sized pieces that becomes easy to digest?  Is what you have to share valuable?  Is the offer you’re going to share valuable? (it should be!)  What are the benefits, the promise that things can be different and better if someone works with you or buys your product and how can you convey them?  Education should be simple and consistent.  Show up, be of value, demonstrate knowledge then rinse and repeat!

:: offer :: make ONE invitation to work together

The biggest mistake I see with offers being made comes down to the confusion they can create.  Simply formula is – one offer only!  When you make multiple offers you provide too many choices and this can lead to uncertainty and even overwhelm.  If someone has to think too long and hard about something and “come back”, they probably won’t, sad as that is.  So one offer only, supported by clear contact details that make it easy for people to take action.

Unlock The Key To Magnetic Marketing

key to magnetic marketing | business coach perth | shannon bush

Here’s my latest article for one of my big business loves, my digital business magazine, Totally Thriving.  If you’d like to devour the full 26 pages of delicious goodness then you can get on the list right here. Hope you enjoy my article…

The Key To Magnetic Marketing

Every time I write my piece for Totally Thriving I find myself faced with a long list of possible topics to share with you.  This month I wanted to share with you one of the things I share in Market To Thrive, my signature mindset, marketing and personal leadership program for women entrepreneurs.  So get yourself comfy, grab a fresh cuppa and get ready to read about Magnetism, the energy that sits behind something I like to refer to as Magnetic Marketing.

So you know what a magnet is right?  Something that attracts something to it.

There’s a pull process in play when magnetism is around, an attraction that brings two or more things together.  Think about how powerful a magnet would be in your business marketing toolbox, a magnet customised to attract your ideal clients your way again and again.

How delicious would that be?

Well one thing I want you to know is, creating this sort of attraction is totally possible.  It’s something you can do again and again, allowing you to continue working with more and more of those awesome people who are so ideal for you – people you can truly work with, experiences where you can totally make a big, positive, juicy difference.

How do I know this is possible?  It’s something I’ve created in my own business and something I’ve just witnessed 10 gorgeous Market To Thrive graduates create over the last few months.  It all starts with the right marketing foundations.

To be honest, it really is as simple as really understanding your ideal client, how to connect with them and how to show up consistently in a space of value first. It is about understanding your why, your purpose and your message and then staying connected to these things (that I call my Business Philosophies) and then using a plan and strategy to support you to show up, take action, stay motivated and energised “doing your thing!”.

Honestly, we make so many things so much harder and more challenging than they need to be.  I used to be like that and sometimes I still fall back into the “got to work harder to make a difference” trap I used to be in.  Don’t get me wrong, experiencing effortless success is not about no effort.  It’s about setting yourself up to leverage the effort you put in so that things can and do become easier.

Marketing does not have to be one of those difficult, horrible “have to’s” in your business.  It really can be fun, exciting, motivating and the thing that leads to more of your ideal clients heading your way… as if you had a magnet attracting them to you again and again.  Don’t know about you but I totally want more of that.

If you’d like to know more about this mysterious thing called “Magnetic Marketing” and you’re intrigued about how to learn the art of creating a magnificent mesmerising ideal client engaging biz then I’d love you to join me for my webinar on July 21st!  It’s free, it’s content rich and it’s for you in marketing is something that’s on your “I’ll get ’round to it one day if I can only understand what on earth it’s all about” list!

Read more and register for the free Magnetic Marketing training webinar here.

Podcast Wave Maker Katie Wyatt :: Totally Thriving Feature

In the June July issue of Totally Thriving we’ve got the very fabulous Katie Wyatt featuring as our cover girl.  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Katie in person at the Artful Business Conference in May this year after getting to know her online and she’s as fabulous in person as she is online.  Just love this beautiful mumma’s energy and determination.  She’s a fellow #smargirl and #ladyboss in her own right.  I’m sure you’ll love her interview.  If you’d love to read the full feature, grab the latest copy of Totally Thriving digital magazine for women in business here.

What I love about being a business owner?

Having my own business is something I’ve wanted for years and never managed to get past the planning stage, so in some ways it’s like this gorgeous proof of my own ability to achieve a massive goal. I love to come up with ideas, execute on them quickly and make money doing it, plus the opportunity to create community and connect with amazing women is second to none.

My business is also – and this was completely unexpected – my creative outlet. It’s so much fun and I feel at my most creative when playing in my business!

The one piece of advice I wish I’d been given earlier

I definitely wish I’d known how to make money fast before spending so much!

My usual day

I have 16 week old twins and I’m the mum of 3 boys – there IS NO usual day! But I also love diversity. A perfect day for me is one that allows me to have time with my babies, take my son to school, cook a healthy meal AND get a solid 2-3 hours of work done in the business. This is totally possible, it just requires good weekly planning (and babies that sleep when they’re supposed to!). Oh and my perfect day also includes a podcast interview, because they always put me on a total ladyboss high!

My top 3 tips to thrive

#1. Find the thing (and it can just be one thing, like I did with my podcast) and commit to doing it consistently. Treat it like you’re being paid $1000 a minute to do it. And stay on course with it – don’t get swayed into other places because someone said it was the thing to do.

#2. If you’re not making any or consistent income in your biz, and you struggle to, stop, drop and talk to at least 5 ideal clients. TALK, not survey. Get to understand them, connect with them. It’ll give you a total high and love for your work AND you’ll get great insights to help you sell better offers.

#3. If you’re booked out and still not where you want to be, it’s time to transition your business model and think about the next step – whether it’s group coaching, a program, a membership site, whatever, growth and scale doesn’t come without change!

My core message

It’s not sexy but it’s about consistency (again) and ACTION.

Read the full feature with Katie in the latest issue of Totally Thriving Magazine here…

Totally Thriving Cover Issue 7

Click below to get your copy of Totally Thriving and read articles from these amazing contributors.

Totally Thriving Contributor Graphic June 16

Making Offers in Facebook Groups Doesn’t Mean A Discount

making facebook offers | business coach perth

Offers are fabulous.

Offers help you connect with potential clients and prospects.

Offers can help you grow your brand and position your message.

Offers can increase your business income.

Offers can be fun, engaging and rewarding to make and to invest in.

Offers are a very many things.

Offers are not an opportunity to automatically discount yourself, your products or services.

Today I want to open the conversation about offers.

I’ve seen many, many gorgeous, inspiring, passionate and brilliant women in business getting so caught up in the world of offers in the land of Facebook Groups over the last few months.

I have also seen them getting burned out, tired of the whole process, choosing not to make offers, having their “money stuff” come up and so, so, soooooo much more.

Quite simply, it is frustrating the hell out of me.

There’s a few reasons for that – some are in my video below, but to summarise here’s the main things that bug me, big time!

When you offer at a continual discounted rate you’re not owning your true value or showing people what it costs to invest to work with you.

This sets up false expectations of your usual “fees” or prices and can make it more difficult for people to invest to work with you in different ways if they’re budgeting at a “discounted” rate or trying to get an idea of what it might be like to work with you based on what they’ve worked out your rate might be, from the offers they have seen you post.

Here’s an example; I don’t coach by the hour.

Clients invest to work with me as a private client for a period of 6 months or more or they join one of my training and coaching programs like Market To Thrive or one of my masterclasses, like my planning masterclass Plan To Thrive.

I rarely offer any other options as I’ve tried and they haven’t worked with my business model.

IF someone wanted an hour of my time to work on something specific it’d be at a rate of $380 or more right now.

I do occasionally offer an intro session to people and I make this available at half my current hourly rate.  That is a one time only deal and I am upfront that it is an intro rate only so people can get a feel for what it would be like to work with me.  It has very specific and well defined boundaries and I share the “terms and conditions” with everyone when I post one of these intro offers.

It makes it clear for people that to work with me as a coach takes a different investment in terms of time and money and I truly believe that is very important to do.

You might be different in your business, but as a coach, having been coaching and consulting in the small business space since 2009, I know that people who commit longer term get better and more sustainable, long term results.

I don’t know about you but I’m not after quick fixes and instant gratification – it rarely delivers and just leaves me feeling all icky about the experience.

A single session can be awesome to target a specific challenge, issue, or problem or to reach a specific outcome, but it’s not what’s going to make long term change and create long term results, which are the things my clients are looking for.

Anyway I digress….

I created a little video so I could actually talk about it and you could hear what I have to say and below you will find a bit of a summary of what I’m getting at, why it bugs me and what you can do about it.

I really believe that the whole offer process should be something that is fun and engaging (and even exciting when someone says “yes, I’m in”).

It shouldn’t be the thing that brings up all the money related challenges you’ve got bubbling away beneath the surface (or slapping you in the face like a wet fish if that’s what’s happening).

So next time you have an opportunity to make an offer think seriously about making an offer for someone to work with you, at your usual rates, at “full price”, at the price or value you’re actually worth.

Love to know what you think about all of this, so do pop a comment in the space below and feel free to share this article with your peeps 🙂

Until next time…. wishing you a whole load of totally thriving!

Shannon Bush Signature | Marketing Coach | Can You Be A Marketer




STEP UP Money Program Sylvia Chierchia Business Coach Perth

Stuck with money stuff?  Want to change that?  Awesome – I have a solution for you!

:: Transform your money stuff AND get some serious help with planning for your business :: it really is a recipe for THRIVING ::

:: Is money a constant worry for you?
:: Never seem to have enough or when it does come in it doesn’t last long enough or seems to vanish before your eyes?
:: Have you ever considered things like the impact of your mindset, what your inner critic is getting up to, how you look, think and feel about money and what that’s doing for you?
:: What about the practicalities of it all? There are so many things to do to “manage” and grow your money and it can be very, very overwhelming

Fear not…. there is a solution for all gorgeous women in business who are really ready to step up and sort out their money.

Earlier this year I joined the inspirational Sylvia Chierchia for her new program Step Up: Your Money, Your Life. I felt honoured to be in the first group of women to do the program and it was (and still is because of the continued benefits I’m reaping) AMAZING! Sylvia really knows her stuff and is so focused on helping women with their money that you can’t help but experience transformation.

Good news for everyone is Sylvia is launching another round. I’m such an advocate of her work (I also coach with her as a private client because she’s so awesome) that I have become an affiliate for her next round, launching in June. This really is my way to publicly endorse Sylvia and all she teaches.

Money work can really transform your wealth – your money, your value, how to stand in your value and be well paid, how to pay yourself, how to increase your wealth and more! Starting work on this was the best investment I made for myself and my business and I love to do active money work as often as I can. It’s soooooo worth it.

You can find out more about the Step Up Program at and as an added bonus for anyone who signs up using my link, you’ll get a free spot in my June Masterclass, Plan To Thrive, where we’ll spend 90 mins together in a group planning out your next quarter using my Effortless Success Framework, my holistic, go-to planning tool I’ve been using in my business for myself and my clients for years – it’s engaging, fun, puts you in the picture and leads to great results with it’s focus and simplicity. The masterclass is valued at $98! PLUS one lucky person will also win a place in my Effortless Success Plan Mastermind group launching in July where I’ll work with you in a focused, supportive group environment to guide you to act on your plan and create an incredible quarter for yourself.

Find Your Voice… Because It’s Ok To Get Loud!

Carefree | Freedom | Dare to be different | Find your voice | Business Coach Perth | Marketing Coach

Back when I started my business I was so well “trained” to be a good girl.  I’d spent my professional life being a good person and a good woman.  Doing the right things and falling in line with what was expected behaviour.  It didn’t feel wrong to do this because, truth be known, I’ve been this way all of my life.

When I was very little I clearly remember being told it was fabulous that I was so well behaved.  I was told that it was so great that I was good.  I was told that being these things and applying myself to school was the right path.

Finding my voice wasn’t something I chose not to do.

I could certainly be vocal when I wanted to.

At the same time to “find your voice” wasn’t something high on my agenda and yet I know deep inside there was something rumbling away that would find a way to get heard.

You see, the thing is there has always been a ferocious, energetic, passionate, excitable part of me who cheekily loves to push boundaries (just a little bit) to see what happens.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say I love to break things but I do like to push them (and myself) to the limit.

It is a part of me who wants to face the world feeling free and so alive it’s hard to describe.

Is that such a bad thing?

I don’t think so.

In fact as a business woman it’s been this part of me that’s finally coming alive.

I wouldn’t say it’s been let completely free but it’s certainly a part of me that has been given a voice and OMG it feels AMAZING and FREE!

Find Your Voice :: Because We All Want To Hear What You Have To Say

I’m not really sure what I wanted to say when I sat down to write today.  I’m quite instinctive and intuitive when I write and sometimes stuff just comes out.  It’s like the message has a mind of it’s own, the message, the story, the voice getting louder as I tap away at my laptop, words somehow forming without me really thinking about them.

I do know that what speaks loudly to me and demands to be shared is always connected to recent experiences.

Earlier this week I spoke with the gorgeous Dominique Oyston, a woman on a mission to help women find and confidently share their voice.  (really excited that she’s a contributor in next months issue of Totally Thriving BTW!).

We shared a collective passion for women speaking more AND being heard because we have connected with qualities in our voices that are often lost or undiscovered.  I walked away from my time with Dominique thinking a lot about how I use my voice and how I’m being called to use it more.

It’s made me consider how so often we fall into a pattern that’s all tied in with what we think is ok for us, or what we believe others want and expect from us as women.

In all the years I’ve been coaching, mentoring, teaching, counselling, networking, brainstorming, musing, creating and actively working with women I can guarantee you every single one of them had something really important to say.

Sadly not that many of these gorgeous souls had yet found a way to express herself.

Is this you too?

I know it’s been me.


No longer!

It is time to let our voices free.

Find your voice.  I’m finding mine and together we can share our truths, the deep musings that come from a place somewhere within, somewhere we forget to connect with.

Are you with me?

Let’s get loud together.

Until next time, wishing you a whole load of totally thriving

Shannon Bush Signature | Marketing Coach | Can You Be A Marketer

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Amy Madden :: Totally Thriving Feature Interview

Totally Thriving Digital Magazine April 2016 | Amy Madden | Business Women | Inspiring Entrepeneur Australia

With each new issue of Totally Thriving we get the pleasure of connecting with an inspirational cover girl and featuring her in an interview in the magazine.  This month it was the fabulous Amy Madden, a beautiful, gentle, generous soul who really is on a mission to help women all over the world to slay their inner critics.

Here’s what Amy had to share with us in April;


For me, what I really love about being a business owner is the flexibility.
It took me close to eight years to actually make a move and start a business. I had been toying with the idea for a long time. Now that I have, I wish I had so much earlier. I love the flexibility to go swimming at lunchtime, to set my hours, to play with my baby.
I also love being the final decider. I love that I only do what I believe is ethically right and appropriate, I love that I decide who I work with and how I do it. I love that the buck stops with me.


Its about the processes for me. I think that there is so much energy around actually meeting and engaging with the people you’d like to serve, that sometimes the systems look a little boring behind it all. I wish I’d really taken up advice that was given to me about setting up systems early. Learning to use design programs, learning and setting up booking systems, and the dreaded financial systems!
Its not like I wasn’t told, I was, but I don’t think I saw the gold there until much later.


My usual day involves waking up and looking into the eyes of my perfect pixie. Then we have breakfast together while she watches cartoons and I do some social media work.

Then we go to the park, or take care of some of our domestic goddess duties, and then while she sleeps I work passionately and furiously on the things in my business, like content, or learning or the really WONDERFUL stuff, connecting with my beautiful tribe and serving them.

Sometimes I do this while she wakes too… and that’s a little bit like trying to do your hair in a tornado.

Then when she’s good to go, we play in the yard, read books and laugh.

Then when she’s had her tea and off to bed, I go back to my computer and I reengage with my ‘other’ baby.

I love this day, and it’s not always like that, but when it is, I LOVE it because it’s the natural order for me. People are important, I want my business and my life to reflect that. If my business wasn’t able to flex around my family, then there is no point staying in it, I might as well go back to the job. I love this day because it prioritises my people, but makes room for my other loves too.


  1. Find your tribe. A smaller group is good too, but overall, find the people who think and behave and believe as you do, and stick close to them. Their vibrancy will enrich your experiences.
  2. Done is better than perfect. Done is ALWAYS better. Because if you wait for perfect, you’ll just never get there.
  3. Be You. Be You with all your gorgeous gifts and talents AND your ‘beauty marks’ (some people call them flaws) because people connect to your humanness, they connect to what makes you and them not so different. People want to give and to love and to support. Over are the days of polished corporations being the ‘go to’.
    Well, gone are those days for me anyway! Share with people your imperfect selfies, share with them when you’re about to lose your mind because the balance between what your dreaming and what you’re doing is still a work in progress, share with people when you have a win and you are walking on cloud nine. Share you.



I’ve been to a really really dark place with an Inner Critic. I don’t want any woman ever to have to go there.

My core message is that the awful inner critic story doesn’t have to be awful. There is another way to look at it, to hear it, to perceive it. There is relief.

And that having an inner critic should not rob you of your beautiful light shinning in the world. More than that, that critic can even go someway toward helping you shine in your business.


Having been there myself, while it doesn’t qualify me to work with people, does give me a real flavour to how important it is. It reminds me every time I hear a story, about how lonely that road with the Inner Critic can get, and how unnecessary that loneliness is. It’s important because no woman ever should have to walk that road alone.

It’s also important to me stemming from my professional background working with trauma, and having seen the distinct advantage that having some inner resilience does for people, when they experience challenge and adversity in their life. It doesn’t matter if the adversity or challenge is internal or external, the resilience is important.
People with resilience consistently recover quicker and easier.


I love to work with female entrepreneurs, but I also love to serve mums.
These two groups consistently face up to pathways filled with new challenges every single day of their journey. I am absolutely awed by what they do, and I love to witness them as they fall in love with themselves a little more.


Right now I’m excitedly working on a project that will make my “Meet Your Inner Critic” session much more accessible to people who want to work on their own, in the comfort of their own space and company. This video series will be the same process I use in my one to one sessions, but because it is self paced, will be free of all time constraints and more financially accessible!

I’m very excited to be creating this.

Who’s Amy Madden?

Amy Madden calls herself an Inner Critic Analyst, Adventuress and General Mischief Maker.  Amy has had a decade of working with victims of trauma in a counselling setting.  Amy herself has had her own personal experiences with an inner critic, and is now passionate about helping women to meet and befriend the voice within.

Connect with Amy on Facebook too!

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