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Mindset Hack | Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

It's time for a mindset hack!  OMG it's time! I've been talking about mindset with clients, with my Market To Thrive tribe ladies and with lots of business peeps lately and this theme keeps coming up.  The theme is all [...]

Become Unemployable :: Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast Interview

I recently had the opportunity to dive in deep with a great chat with one of my online business buddies, the very lovable Katie Wyatt. She interviewed me for her popular and very cool offering, The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast. I [...]

The 5 Marketers I Listen To And Why!

I love all things marketing but there’s a ton of info out there that can totally be overwhelming and confusing. Just Google the word itself and you’ll get a few million hits all vying for your attention. I love the [...]

The 4 Step Formula For Marketing That Converts

Marketing is about building exceptional relationships.  It's an essential function of business and great marketing is the difference between consistent, sustained growth and stagnancy.  If marketing is about relationships, then the question to ask is "how do you create these [...]

Unlock The Key To Magnetic Marketing

Here's my latest article for one of my big business loves, my digital business magazine, Totally Thriving.  If you'd like to devour the full 26 pages of delicious goodness then you can get on the list right here. Hope you [...]

Podcast Wave Maker Katie Wyatt :: Totally Thriving Feature

In the June July issue of Totally Thriving we've got the very fabulous Katie Wyatt featuring as our cover girl.  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Katie in person at the Artful Business Conference in May this year after [...]

Making Offers in Facebook Groups Doesn’t Mean A Discount

Offers are fabulous. Offers help you connect with potential clients and prospects. Offers can help you grow your brand and position your message. Offers can increase your business income. Offers can be fun, engaging and rewarding to make and to [...]

Find Your Voice… Because It’s Ok To Get Loud!

Back when I started my business I was so well "trained" to be a good girl.  I'd spent my professional life being a good person and a good woman.  Doing the right things and falling in line with what was [...]