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LOE 051 – Market Like You Mean It w/ Sarah Thomson

Shannon Bush + Sarah Thomson | Effortless Business Events | Market Like You Mean It | Marketing Coach Business Coaching | Live Event Perth

Welcome to episode 051 of Law of Effortlessness featuring Sarah Thomson from Online Social Butterfly. Sarah Thomson established Online Social Butterfly in 2011 and offers dynamic online marketing expertise to business owners. Her most popular topics include marketing in the digital age, social media, and websites.

Sarah brings with her a 15-year background in corporate marketing, spanning multi-nationals, government, not-for-profit and the small business sector in both Sydney and the UK. Her enthusiasm for the industry is currently propelling her through a Master’s degree in Web Communications.

She also finds time to run a taxi service for her sons, who are both competitive swimmers. 

Listen in as Sarah talks about what it’s like to run a business with her husband Grant – how their business evolved from before Instagram and Facebook Ads existed, working to their strengths, how it’s taken time to learn how they work best as a team and get the best performance out of each other.  

Shannon and Sarah also discuss their complimentary marketing services and perspectives – and asking the big question: is Facebook dead? What’s happening with zero reach and putting money into an advertising budget?

Sarah also speaks to an experiment she conducted with Facebook and videos – using a Live video, versus a pre-recorded video versus a link shared from YouTube and the interesting results she found, and how you can use her experiment to get the most out of your video content. Sarah also talks to the fears behind why entrepreneurs frequently decide not to use video, and how she overcame the mindset hurdle – and the ease and flow that comes after the leap.  

Shannon and Sarah also talk about collaborations – how they’ve collaborated together, the lessons they have learned, including if you’re an aligned match, and working in your places of strength.

Shannon and Sarah also share how they have collaborated over the last four years, and most recently for Effortless Business Events. They also share how they made their collaboration one of ease and effortlessness by outsourcing tasks, sharing the workload, being open and upfront with figures, and much more 

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Notable Quotes

“I don’t know how I’m going to get somewhere, but I know where I’m going to go. It will unravel itself as we go.” 

“If you don’t know what to write in your e-mails, pay someone else to do it for you. They can see the gold in what you do.” 

“Before you create anything, be clear about the skillset that you bring, but what does ideal client want and need? sometimes they can be two different things.”  

“Nothing will substitute face-to-face contact with another human being, that’s the reason video is so important.”  

Networking As A Marketing Strategy

#marketing101 networking as a marketing strategy | Shannon Bush Creative Possibility Business Coach

Networking as a marketing strategy? You bet!

Networking is, for many in business, a necessary evil.

I get it. When I started my business in 2007 I had only ever networked in a corporate setting. I learned quite early on that networking was a thing small business owners did often and through a desire to meet other entrepeneirual types I set about looking for great groups to connect with.

It was easy to find local groups where I could go and do the meet and greet thing. Some were at breakfast, some mid morning, others at lunch or the “sundowner” evening events. It seemed there was a smorgasboard of choice. But how did you know wether what you were paying to attend, would be of value or not?

I figured if I didn’t get out and try some of these events then I’d never know.

So I showed up and did my best to mingle with bunches of strangers. I found at some events the reception was a little frosty. At others it felt clicky. While others seemed to be a free for all, with no organisation and pushy attendees.

I didn’t like the experience much at all. Online business was growing in interest at the time and platforms like Facebook had become an opportunity to connect with other business owners. But online networking wasn’t that much of a thing and if you got a friend request from someone you vaguely connected with online it felt a bit, well, creepy.

I discovered quickly that when you found yourself at the wrong types of networking events they could totally feel like the most alien places you’ve ever found yourself. Totally setting of daydreamng and escape routes. Well that’s what was happening in my head.

Over the next decade I came to understand the power of the right networking, with the right people, and how to turn those awkward moments into potential opportunities – for new clients, new referral partners, speaking or teaching opportunities, brand exposure, credibility building and more.

The wrong kind of networking event can leave you feeling stuck, with no escape!
Forget having a well polished elevator pitch, you need an escape strategy STAT!

Networking as a Marketing Strategy | Creative Possibility | Shannon Bush Business Marketing Coach Perth Australia

How did I achieve this? Well it all started with a big realisation about the core of marketing.

Marketing is all about relationships.

Once I wrapped my head around this I was able to approach networking very differently. My primary purpose of networking now is to build awesome relationships.

Networking as a marketing strategy has become the way I do things. It’s an unconscious activity with conscious, purposeful intent.

This includes a desire and intent to expand my contacts. To literally grow my network.

I see this as an ultimate win for my clients because I can refer them to the brilliant people I meet and get to know!

This value add also has proven to lead to more clients for me, so one of those win/win situations bandied about.

They exist. I created one in my business.

I created one out of an activity I used to dread.

Relationship building means getting out and meeting people. It means being the person who says hello first and who shows genuine curiosity to find out about the person or group you’re talking to. It’s remembering that if you don’t ask it’s always no. It’s also about nurturing and valuing your network so they, and your networking activity become the asset they deserve to be.

This is how I’ve built my business from it’s early days and it is definitely how I have managed to still be here more than a decade in.

Look out for a future solo show on my podcast, Law Of Effortlessness, where I share my top tips for creating and nurturing your referral network, a super key part of maximising the potential of your networking as a marketing strategy!

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More Magnetic Marketing Message Optin | Shannon Bush Creative Possibility | Business Marketing Coach

LOE 049 | Live Coaching Call w/ Linda Burgess

LOE 049 Live Coaching Call Linda Burgess Art Therapist | Shannon Bush Creative Possibility Business Coach Marketing

Welcome to Episode 049 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast. This episode is another live coaching call where your host Shannon Bush coaches Linda Burgess.

Linda Burgess is an Art Therapist and has been a social worker for 20 years, mainly in family support roles, with the last 5 years in management before going into private practice in September 2016.

Her background is in mental health, parenting concerns, family violence and child behaviour support (running parenting programs also). During the live coaching, Linda is coached on marketing and promoting her business effectively and also how she can work with her ideal client population. Listen in to this great conversation to see what tips and tricks you can use in your own business and life

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“Your content is key. But you producing your own content more than sharing everyone else’s is even more important.”

“If there are too many unanswered whys people will be less likely to make the investment.”

“If [the clients/customers] are not clear they are not likely to invest.”

LOE 045 | Your Customers Aren’t Hiding | Solo Episode

LOE Podcast 045 Your Customers Aren't Hiding _ Shannon Bush | Business Coach Perth

Your host Shannon Bush is back with another solo episode of Law of Effortlessness Podcast.

Episode 45 is all about how the customers you are after in your business aren’t actually hiding.

Are you the best kept secret in your industry?

Shannon talks you through how to get the results you are after. Shannon asks some great questions to really get you thinking how to find your customers you wish to engage with.

She offers some great wisdom around marketing and how relationships are very important in regards to marketing. Listen in and see how you can do business better.

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Her Facebook business page and on Instagram

Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

‘Who are your people you are trying to engage?’

‘Marketing deserves time and energy, but don’t spread yourself too thin.’

‘Making real life connections is super important.’

‘Marketing is about building, nurturing and creating ripples of relationships.’

‘Be bold with your marketing.’

The Power Of Positioning Your Expertise

#marketing101 positioning creative possibility shannon bush

Why Should I Position My Expertise?

Positioning your expertise can sound and feel lke an overwhelmingly difficult thing to achieve.

I’ve often been asked “why should I position my expertise?” and heard “but I’m not an expert” or even “I don’t have much to share!”

Well these may be very valid concerns or questions or statements running around your head.  I have to say though, in all the years (dinosaur moment!) I have been working with, coaching and educating small business owners, I am yet to find someone who doesn’t have some degree of expertise around what they do for business.

Not one person!

So let’s just drop the “I don’t have any expertise” mindset and think about all the things your existing and past customers and clients ask you about.  All the questions, and often the same questions over and over, that you answer.

That, my friend, is your expertise right there.

So now we’ve established you do know something, let’s explore briefly why it’s important to own and share this “expertise” you’ve got.  Probably got in spades.

Ok, so you ask me…

Why Should I Position My Expertise?

First up I am probably goping to do an internal happy dance just because you’ve declared you have some expertise.  Next let’s get down to business.

Your expertise – the knowledge and experience you have.  The skills, information and advice you can apply and share.  All of this is incredibly valuable because your customers and clients are looking for and to someone who knows more or different to them.

They are out there actively looking for a solution to a pain point, issue, problem or challenge.

Or they are actively seeking to create a desire – to make a change or generate a new way of thinking, doing, being, living even.

Customers and clients, who are referred to as prospects or leads until they transact with you, are looking for these things.  They are looking for the thing you’re selling!  They want to buy from someone who can help them.  Genuinely help them.

That’s where your expertise comes in.  When you can give people clear insights into what you know and can do or achieve, your credibility increases and so does their willingness to buy from you.

That is one big reason to position (as in share widely) your expertise.

But how?

Expertise Positioning 101!

  1. Have a clear, succinct marketing message
  2. Understand all the things people come to you and ask, or want you to solve
  3. Publish hints, tips, blogs, video’s of you sharing the answers
  4. Share all of the content you’ve created across your primary marketing channels – think social media, website, other platforms such as the 24×7 online networking plaftorm LinkedIn, in interviews on people’s podcasts or summits or events, your own event, YouTube or Vimeo channel
  5. Keep sharing
  6. Be consistent
  7. Sort your mindset out so you don’t doubt your expertise.  if you doubt it, others may too
  8. Share some more!

And lastly, a tip that goes with every one of the above.  Let yourself have fun positioning your expertise.  Maintain your professionalism, but let your personality, and your magnetism shine thriugh.  You’ll find it easier to share and therefore to position your expertise, and others will engage with and learn from and share on your behalf more easily.  Then everyone wins!

How Often Should I Review My Marketing Message?

Blog Review My Marketing Message - Creative Possibility | Shannon Bush Marketing Coaching Perth

One of the biggest marketing questions I get asked: How often should I review my marketing message? Here's what I think...

Things aren’t working for you and you find yourself thinking “I really should review my marketing message!”

Defining your marketing message can become one of the most frustrating things you do in your business.  It can feel like you’ve never got it just right and ready to do it’s awesome job at helping you connect with all those fabulous people out there in the big wide world who are looking for you but don’t yet know you exist.

I know, in reality It can certainly take a while to evolve into something succinct and clear and magnetic. I have found many small business owners I’ve worked with or spoken to about their marketing message and overall business messages, have felt the need to constantly change it because it’s just not quite right.

Perhaps it isn’t quite hitting the mark and making an impact and magnetically drawing people to you.  It will need to be reviewed and changed over time but I think the thing to be aware of is that we can also change it for change sake.

Your message may very well be ideal for you and your target market but you’re simply not sharing it anywhere much or not sure what to do with it to let it work it’s magic.

Here’s some truths to consider about your marketing message;

You will evolve as you learn and experience.

So will your ideal clients.

So yes, you will need to review and evolve your marketing message in line with that.  But don’t get tempted to change things up just because it’s boring, not working, you don’t like sharing or saying it. You can only know if your message is on point after you’ve been sharing it consistently over a period of time.

And by consistent I mean more than a random time once a week or month!

So the question I posed at the begining of this blog is looking for an answer!I suggest a quarterly check in on your message to see if it’s still in alignment. If it

How Often Should I Review My Marketing Message?

I suggest a quarterly check in on your message to see if it’s still in alignment. If it is don’t change it. If not it may only need a slight tweak, not a massive overhaul.

Read what you have as your message out lout and see how it sounds and feels. Trust yourself and adjust accordingly.

Practice more proactively using your message everywhere you can.  This goes for your current message, or the new one you’ve crafted.  Only using it frequently will provide you with the feedback as to it’s effectiveness.

Be consistent and as clear as you can be and let your message do it’s work, magnetically drawing more of the right clients your way.

LOE 037 | Live Coaching Call w/ Ashleigh Rae | Podcast

LOE 037 Live Coaching Call _ Ashleigh Rae

Welcome to Episode 037 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast. This episode is a little different as your host Shannon Bush does a live coaching call with Ashleigh Rae to give you a unique insight into what it could be like to be coached by Shannon to get clarity, focus and to generate action to address something in your business you want to change, reflect on or improve.

Shannon’s guest, Ashleigh Rae is a Mindfulness and Soulful Podcasting Coach, and host of the #BlissedOut Podcast, exploring and experimenting with mindful living. She’s also a Podcast junkie, and loves a good coffee!

Ashleigh Rae and Shannon discuss how to cultivate a beautiful magnetism, even when things go nuts and perhaps others parts of life are difficult. Ashleigh says ‘for me, that’s returning a full-time job and living with a partner who has anxiety (naturally) and in his last year of University. Things are stressful, and I’d like to work on cultivating my magnetic self even with all of this other stuff going on!’

Ashleigh is also wanting help with going through a big upheaval of life with a new job, her partner and what that means for her business and it is of course, [in her own words] ‘freaking her out!’ Listen in to see how Shannon helps navigate this terrain with Ashleigh and be open to some genuine #businessyoda wisdom as you may be able to implement some of the strategies in your own life and business.

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her website, Facebook page, podcast, Instagram and her Thinkific teaching platform

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Her Facebook business page and on Instagram

Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

‘People will connect with you based on the benefit. Benefit defined is the promise that you’re making that things will be different and/or better by them working with you, buying from you, investing in you, whatever that is.’

‘We can set ourselves up for overwhelm way too easily.’

‘What is achievable for me to do and start?’

‘It’s the simple things in life that we forget to do.’

‘Acknowledge the things you are grateful for.’

LOE 033 An Artful Wrap Up | Artful Business Conference 2017

LOE Podcast 033 An Artful Business Conference Wrap Up _ Shannon Bush

Welcome to Episode 033 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast business wonder woman (and supermen). In this solo episode, your amazing host, Shannon Bush gives you her personal wrap up of the Artful Business Conference held in Brisbane from 27-28 May 2017.

She talks about her many incredible moments experienced during the conference. You’ll hear Shannon share more about the amazing speakers who spoke over the weekend and find out about what they do as business women (and men).

Could they help you in your business in some way?

Shannon encourages you: If you have a big dream, or a little dream, or a dream of any sort and you’re motivated and inspired to take action, surround yourself with people who will encourage you and will support you, and who will jump on board, who will become those raving fans and who will help you be your magnetic self.

Don’t let things get in the way of what it is you want to do. Be determined, be fierce about it, be committed, hold that commitment and that conviction and believe for yourself and for what is possible. Listen in and be inspired.

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Notable Quotes

“If you have a big dream, or a little dream, or a dream of any sort and you’re motivated and inspired to take action, surround yourself with people who will encourage you and will support you, and who will jump on board, who will become those raving fans and who will help you be your magnetic self. And don’t let things get in the way of what it is you want to do. Be determined, be fierce about it, be committed, hold that commitment and that conviction and believe for yourself and for what is possible.”

“Stay believing in yourself.”

“Anything really is possible. And the first step is believing that it is.”

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