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029 – Content Marketing Barriers | Shannon Bush + Swapna Thomas | LOE Podcast

In Episode 029 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, Swapna Thomas is back to talk all things content marketing including the barriers and what to do about them with your host Shannon Bush. Shannon and Swapna dive deep into the barriers [...]

028 – What Are You Celebrating | Business Reality Check | Shannon Bush Solo Show | LOE Podcast

In Episode 028 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, Shannon Bush guides you through the how to of a Business Reality Check. We are now at the end of the first quarter of the year in business and Shannon encourages you [...]

027 – Become Fearless | Women’s Intuition with Dr Ricci-Jane Adams | LOE Podcast

In Episode 027 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, Shannon Bush talks with Dr Ricci-Jane Adams from the Lightworker Institute about women’s intuition. They talk deeply about the blocks and the things getting in the way for women being women in [...]

Mindset Hack | Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

It's time for a mindset hack!  OMG it's time! I've been talking about mindset with clients, with my Market To Thrive tribe ladies and with lots of business peeps lately and this theme keeps coming up.  The theme is all [...]

How Gail Discovered Her Magnetism

I bet you can give me a list of names of people who you just love. There’s something about them. These people exist in your life and in your business. They are people who seem to have some sort of [...]
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Become Unemployable :: Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast Interview

I recently had the opportunity to dive in deep with a great chat with one of my online business buddies, the very lovable Katie Wyatt. She interviewed me for her popular and very cool offering, The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast. I [...]

Making Offers in Facebook Groups Doesn’t Mean A Discount

Offers are fabulous. Offers help you connect with potential clients and prospects. Offers can help you grow your brand and position your message. Offers can increase your business income. Offers can be fun, engaging and rewarding to make and to [...]

Your Business, Your Dream Summit Interview

Gee I love an having an amazing conversation about small business and all the ins and outs of leading one.  I recently had the opportunity to talk with Hector Bassett, Managing Director of Davidson Fraser LTD.  Hector has been hosting [...]