Inspired by a determination to make a difference I have spent my life exploring, creating and believing in the innate potential of people. Early in life I embraced curiosity, venturing into the world on a quest for greater understanding, fueled by an intense appetite for learning. My journey led to the discovery of a unique ability to see the potential that exists when you look beyond what you see.

I’m founder and Director of Creative Possibility, an innovative coaching, and business development business.  My core purpose, inspired by my early experience “working” with my grandmothers in their businesses, is to support small business owners to thrive and when I say thrive I mean it in a big way.  I even named my business magazine after this philosophy, Totally Thriving.

I’m a bit of a Business Innovator and I absolutely love nothing more than teaching you how to get ahead and stay ahead using strategic and innovative marketing, mindset and personal leadership initiatives that help you to do less and achieve a whole lot more.

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An international best selling author and award winning business woman, I bring to our relationship over 20 years experience and expertise in the fields of the arts, health and business.

I love creating high value, personalised solutions that are enabling.  As I see it, my mission is to support entrepreneurs from all over the world to achieve your business and life goals, while doing less to achieve more.  It’s something I call being in your effortless success zone!

I live in Perth, Western Australia, one of the most isolated capitol cities in the world.  That hasn’t stopped me from working with amazing people everywhere.  If you are committed to being the best you can be let’s connect because I’d love to guide you on a joy-filled journey to your own success.

I work closely with you to align your business and life visions and values with who you really are and who you really want to be. Coupled with my gift for all things marketing, as a business coach, I offer something genuinely unique to my clients, something that gets results.

When not supporting small business owners, teaching, leading, writing or designing, I am totally planning my next get away.  Travel is something that infuses my soul with more energy and excitement for life and business.

I love a good book or conversation that challenges me to think differently, any opportunity to create and when I say that I literally mean any opportunity.  Paint brush? delicious coloured pens anyone? big pieces of paper? lots of brain storming? mind mapping? you get the picture…

Oh and my weekend isn’t complete in the summer months if I haven’t spent an hour or two indulging my inner mermaid and gliding across the waters on my standup paddle board.  I’m also a PADI open water diver and love being in the water.  It’s a ritualistic cleansing experience for me that helps me shake off things I’m ready to release.  Sometimes I look down at my feet and wonder how different life would be if I had a tail.  No kidding!

I know I can be my best when there is balance in my life and that includes spending plenty of quality time with my husband James, family and friends.  It really is about practicing what I preach and leading by example.

That’s a core of personal leadership right?  It is for me, and it’s what supports me to be in my effortless success zone.  Can’t wait to help you discover yours.

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Who Do I Work With As A Business Coach?

A coach, trainer, speaker, award winning business-woman, consultant, artist, therapist, writer and mindset liberator, I am valued for my unique, creative, innovative and empowering approach to business.

My favourite tools to use with clients include my Effortless Success Framework, a business and life planning tool that focuses on self as much as business, wealth and expertise growth, and my personal leadership profiling system that provides very accurate insights into your innate strengths and how to use them to create more ease, confidence and purpose.

They’re very cool and my clients, like the gorgeous Sarah Thomson from Online Social Butterfly, absolutely love them as you can hear in the little video just next to this blurb.

I work with service based entrepreneurs, women who are multi-passionate, highly capable at doing their “thing” that led them to start a business.  Oh and you are definitely someone who wants significantly more out of life.

I guide you to embrace personal leadership and own who you really are (all the good bits and the bits that create your challenges).  I help you to be inspired by you as you create a meaningful business that provides you with the freedom, choice and time with your family and loved ones you crave every day.

You can read some client love (testimonials) here

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I love a great little video and my compulsive teaching nature means I can’t help but grab my iphone when I’m inspired and shoot a little bit of content love to share with you.  I love talking about making marketing easier, and a whole lot more “stuff” that inspires me to be a Thriving Entrepreneur.

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Shannon Bush Perth Business Coach Stirling Business Association Awards Finalist 2015

My Roles and Accomplishments


  • Business Success and Personal Leadership Coach
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Money Breakthrough Method TM Coach
  • Certified Digital Marketer
  • Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy
  • Grad. Degree in Business Management (Specialising in Small Business and Quality Management)
  • Click! Colours Facilitator
  • Certified ISO Quality Auditor
  • Dip. Project Management
  • Ba. Nursing

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, International Coach Federation
  • Member, International Association of Women in Business Coaching (IAWBC)
  • Member, Committee Member and Marketing Strategist, Stirling Small Business Association
  • Founding Member, International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches, Trainers (IMPACT)

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