The Small Business Coaching Program Teaching You To Be A Thriving Entrepreneur

As a small business owner things can be tough.  You have multiple competing priorities and you feel stretched beyond capacity.  Your dreams of a fantastic work / life balance that gave you more time to do the things you love and to spend with those you love seems like an unreal fantasy.

You may have been thinking about getting help.  The time might not feel right but really, will it ever be?  One question many small business owners ask is…

Do I Need A Coach?

If you’re someone who is highly engaged, excited about your work, and reaching your goals, hopefully that keeps you inspired and on track on a daily basis.

If it doesn’t or if you find yourself waning and wondering what you’re doing and what you achieved at the end of the day then it is likely you are one of those business owners who feels the demands and pressures of consistent competing forces that can slowly (or sometimes very quickly) chip away at your best intentions, leaving you frustrated and lacking in motivation over time.

How do I know I need help?

Firstly check in and see if any of these sings sound familiar and describe how you are feeling, or what’s happening

** You’re feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, exhausted, and you feel disengaged or like you don’t really care much any more

** You can’t be bothered with things you used to love

** Everything is starting to feel hard and you say you’re really busy and stressed a lot

** You feel lonely and just wish you had someone to ask questions and bounce ideas off

** You are working really long hours and not getting results or it just seems like you are going backwards, not forward!

** Cash flow is an issue – you get paid well for what you do but there is never quite enough to go around

** The phone isn’t ringing as much as it used to… referrals are non existent…. great leads you used to get aren’t there any more… you thought your marketing was ok but it’s just not working!

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Ok… so one or more of these things are what I’m facing right now.

What do I do?

When you feel your motivation starting to wane you need to get your groove back, to pick yourself up and get back to a place where you feel strong, energized, and positive again. The bad news is that this can be a challenge. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

This is where coaching and the right business support and education program can be an invaluable asset.

Business coaching is a particular type of business leadership development that puts you at the centre, totally focused on your success and achievement.

As a coach, it’s my job to care as much about your success and achievement as you do. When you have a coach, it almost feels like there are two of you because you do, finally, have someone right there beside you working with you to achieve your goals.


Introducing the Thriving Entrepreneur Small Business Coaching Program

As part of my commitment to providing small business owners across Australia with the highest quality support I founded the Thriving Entrepreneur Small Business Coaching Program.  It offers small business owners a genuinely unique opportunity to develop and become true thriving entrepreneurs.

The Thriving Entrepreneur Small Business Coaching Program is a combination of education and coaching, something you will rarely find business coaches offering.  This multidimensional approach means you get the learning you need to market and grow your business as well as the accountability and planning support to make it easier to take action and get results.

The Thriving Entrepreneur Small Business Coaching Program is available in a number of formats to give you the flexibility to work in a way that works best for you and your business, including options for start ups or those with a smaller investment to make, through to our group mastermind program and platinum one on one consulting and business advisory support.

Complete the form below and a member of the Creative Possibility team will be in contact with more information.  You will also have to opportunity to talk with our principal coach and founder Shannon Bush so that you can be assured the best small business coaching program solution is offered to you to meet your individual needs.

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