LOE 001 – From Wellness Entrepreneur to Podcasting Empire Builder w/ Katie Wyatt | Podcast


In LOE Episode 001 you’ll meet the lovable Katie Wyatt and hear her share her journey of how she became to The Wellness Entrepreneur as well as the amazing benefits of podcasting for your business. Katie touches on the importance of mindset in your business and how that can be the reason behind business owners and entrepreneurs not taking action in their businesses, simply due to the fear of failure and fear of success playing out in your head. Katie discusses the importance of having a consistent and regular podcast and what it has meant for her business and it’s beautiful growth. Katie believes the magic of a podcast is how it sets you apart from other service businesses because it is a platform to showcase the amazing expertise you have, the “stuff” that makes you your brilliant self and different to your competitors. Having a podcast supports Katie’s mindset in her business, because she feels like she is always living the identity of being an entrepreneur by having consistent content being released into the market for people to listen to and engage with. Katie recommends to pick one thing at a time and to commit to in your business journey – to do consistently, even when other things are falling apart around you. Be consistent with one thing and it will allow you to keep showing up in your business!

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Notable Quotes
“It’s important to start somewhere. You don’t figure this stuff out until you’ve started”

“The things that stop them taking action is mindset and self-belief. A lot of the reasons we don’t take action is a) we’re scared we are going to fail or we’re scared we’re going to succeed. And so therefore it’s safer to stay right where we are”

“We often think it’s fear of failure [that holds us back] but it’s really fear of success because we’ve got this belief that if we are going to be successful, it’s going to take 10 times more work, I’m going to be a bad friend, a bad mother, bad employee and so that’s just as scary as feeling embarrassed because it all fell apart”

“Mindset becomes such a big and conscious thing that becomes part of the business conversation”

“That is part of the magic of podcasting. It’s still niche enough that it does set you apart from most service businesses, I believe”

“We are all in business because we want to change something about the world”

“Commit to one thing. Pick one thing and say I’m going to give this 6 months OR 12 months and I’m going to do it consistently even if anything else falls apart, this thing will not. I believe you will see benefits from that commitment and it will just amaze you and that will lead you onto to other things and other momentum.”

“Focus, focus, focus!”

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