LOE 002 – The Smart Girls Booklist: Our Top 10 Business Smart Girl Reads w/ Swapna Thomas


These two gorgeous “nerdy bookworms” shine their light on their current top 10 books that inspire, motivate, educate and clarify things for them in business whilst living the life of a #ThrivingEntrepreneur. The books spoken about confirm the law of effortlessness and how it’s just a smart girl thing to working smarter and not harder with everything you do in your business.

You’ll hear about what it means to be a #SmartGirl in business and why using your smarts is a good thing and not something to shy away from. This episode is engaging, educational, fun and filled to the brim with awesome insights no matter what stage you’re at on your #ThrivingEntrepreneur journey. So tune in, have a notebook ready and get yourself set for some serious inspiration and good old fashioned business learning from these two biz buddies coming to you from two different continents, two different cultures, two different businesses, but one common belief – that being a #SmartGirl is a part of being a #ThrivingEntrepreneur


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Notable Quotes

“Listening to that drive and letting that drive you in business – the fun and creativity – is what makes it effortless”

“Go with your strengths. Strengths are not just something you’re good at. Your strengths are the things that energise you, and make you feel good”

Coming to the choice of how I want to do things, and how I want to respond, how I want to live, comes down to the questions I ask – how am I getting in my own way?

“It asks the very profound question, what’s the one thing I can do which will make everything easier or unnecessary?”

“What’s the one thing or one action that I can take that moves me one or more steps closer to that goal? And then just do that.”

“Without [staying in our power and owning our story] you cannot have the totally thriving life and business that you really want”

“If you’re feeling a lack of creativity in your life, one of the simplest things you can do is to read more. Because I think as an entrepreneur we forget to nurture that side of ourselves, which needs more expression, ideas, creativity and knowledge and growth – just to nurture that through books is the simplest way to activate your creativity.

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