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In episode 005 of Law Of Effortlessness, host Shannon Bush is back with an all new solo episode. Today she talks to one to the topics suggested by a member of her Facebook group, Thriving Entrepreneur Circle and client and graduate of Market To Thrive, Lynette Delane.

Lynette asked for thoughts on staying focused when mindset isn’t in the “right” place. So as well as talking about focus you’ll hear Shannon share some of her favourite mindset support tools. The go-to things, tools, supports and activities that she uses on a regular basis to support her mindset. Having been in business for some time now and with her extensive coaching and therapy experience and training, Shannon has integrated many mindset practices into her life and business so as to be able to reduce the impact of a not so healthy or challenging mindset – and to bounce back resiliently and with sustainability.

Grab a cuppa, tune in and absorb another episode of mindset related wisdom with this episode of Law Of Effortlessness.

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Notable Quotes

“I’m not about quick fixes and false realisations and expectations so instead I’ll share some of the things I know I have tried and loved over the years to create focus and to move forward feeling better”

“What focus means – for me it’s about getting things done because I have narrowed my view and commitment and have consciously chosen to take action on one or a limited number of things”

“Focus can be viewed as Follow One Course Until Success”

“The whole “multifaceted” business approach or being “multitalented” or even being “polymathic” or a polymath, isn’t necessarily a badge to wear with honour. It can be a massive interruption to your day and your business”

“You really do have more control and influence that you give yourself credit for”

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