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loe podcast 006 sylvia chierchia beautiful money

Episode 006 of Law Of Effortlessness opens the conversation around money, purpose and business. Host Shannon Bush chats with Sylvia Chierchia, a passionate money coach supporting women business owners to sort their money “stuff” in a beautiful way.

Sylvia and Shannon talk mindset, uncovering your money story, why defining your money purpose is not only a real eye opener but something that you definitely want to do, plus the power of stepping up with your money for your life and business now and into the future. Having founded their careers in the corporate space before becoming business owners, these women share a love and commitment to helping women thrive in business with greater ease and effortlessness, which shows through in every line of this episode.

Discover how the Profit First philosophy (trust us, this is something you totally want to know about!) ties wonderfully with all things Law Of Effortlessness and be inspired with every word of this new episode of Law Of Effortlessness Podcast.

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