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Tune in to this episode, our 8th for Law Of Effortlessness Podcast with your host Shannon Bush. We talk getting back to the basics and understanding what marketing actually is.

Shannon explores and breaks down a much loved marketing definition and then goes on to describe her own definition of Marketing. When it comes to defining marketing there are a few key considerations to make to help you to see that you can most definitely be a marketer in your own right and a successful one at that.

Shannon shares her experience presenting to a group of local ladies who are quite new in business and how she shared the basics of marketing and demonstrated some fundamentals before and during her presentation recently.

Listen in to discover what these ladies thought about marketing and be prompted to take some time to discover whether you have the same thoughts about what marketing actually is. Are you making things harder for yourself than they actually need to be? Learn Shannon’s own definition of marketing, something she’s applied the principles of #LawOfEffortlessness to and how you can benefit with a realisation you’re already marketing and have everything you need to be a success.

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Notable Quotes

“‘Get to know your audience before presenting to them”

“Be you. Embrace easier, don’t question it and choose effortlessness”

“Marketing is more than a one time thing”

“Are you making things harder for yourself than they actually need to be?”

“Marketing is an ongoing communications exchange with customers in a way that educates, informs & builds a relationship over time. The over time part is important because only over time can trust be created. With trust, a community builds organically around products and services and customers become as excited about the products as you are — they become advocates, loyal evangelists, repeat customers and often, friends. Marketing is a really great way to identify what grabs people and gets them excited about your brand – involve them in the process”

this came from Renee Blodgett – Chief Executive Officer/Founder, Magic Sauce Media

“So what do I think marketing is? How do I define it? It’s as simple as sharing what you do (products / services), a little bit about why it’s important (benefits) & inviting someone to join you (offer) – it is also all about relationships”

“Keep it simple – apply law of effortlessness – easier is ok – easier is doing it your way, letting your personality shine through – choosing to focus and take action and be consistent. That’s how marketing can be easier and when there’s more ease there’s more confidence and more magnetism”

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