LOE 010 – Avoiding The Bright And Shiny FOMO Trap | Shannon Bush + Lynette Delane | Podcast

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Do you find yourself falling into the trap of bright and shiny distractions? Are you always feeling like you are missing out?

Listen in to Episode 10 and hear #TechTranslator, Lynette Delane share her experiences of leading her business ‘Kits and Bits’ in it’s first full year. Lynette shares with Shannon a list of the things she wished she had known earlier in her business and how she’s worked through her insights to make better and more confident decisions to move forward. Lynette and Shannon talk all things tech, ‘bright and shiny object syndrome and the fear of missing out’ (FOMO), as well as the importance of purposeful money.

Find out what Lynette thinks are the 3 kryptonite’s of your first year in business and who’s supported her to create the success she’s experienced to date. Lynette and Shannon share the love for a common message – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – in life or in your business. This is an ideal episode for any start up wanting some real, good old fashioned honest advice or for the seasoned business owner wanting an opportunity to be reminded that things like distraction and FOMO are alive but totally something you can overcome

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Notable Quotes

“Its almost impossible to run a business without multiple levels of tech”

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

“Get your foundations set. Invest your money to get your foundations sorted. Learn from people who can teach you so you don’t spend hours and hours and hours going round in circles and get yourself in such a mess that emotionally you can move forward either”

“Diluting what you do confuses your ideal target market”

“In your first few years of business cash is not your most precious commodity, it is actually time”

“Comparison-itis”, “FOMO” and “bright and shiny objects are probably the 3 kryptonite’s of the first year in business”

“If an opportunity is meant to be, it will come back again even if you said no right now. It takes time to be able to trust that”

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