LOE 011 – The Power Of Your Business Story | Shannon Bush | Podcast

LOE Podcast 011 Power Of Your Business Story | Shannon Bush | Business Coach Marketing Coach Perth

Have you ever contemplated what influenced you in your business?

Where did doing what you do now come from?

Who were the important people in the story?

What did you learn along the way?

In this weeks new episode Shannon shares about the beautiful lessons she learned in childhood about what it means to be in business. Having been working the super talented Jay Crisp Crow of Crisp Copy, Shannon has had the opportunity to delve further into her story, the story of her business of late and to discover more about the lessons and learnings and the why she does what she does. Getting to the heart of your business story is a powerful thing to do. In today’s episode Shannon shares an excerpt of her story.

Get to know your story, get to know you. There is so much power in honouring your personal and your business story and where you’ve come from. Remember to have fun with it on the way and to be proud to share more of it as you lead your business.

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Notable Quotes

“Story is super important as part of your business persona. Knowing how you got to be, who you are and do what you do is a great thing to know”

“Hearing yourself speak you story out loud is very powerful”

“Get to know it [your story], get to know you”

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