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loe 012 business planning magnetic 2017 | Shannon Bush | Business Coach Perth | Marketing

Has business planning been a challenge for you for one reason or another? It’s something Law Of Effortlessness podcast host Shannon Bush loves to do – plan!

Listen in to this episode to hear about Shannon’s Effortless Success Framework and how planning can set you up for success in your business. Shannon defines the 4 core areas of the framework around growth: Business growth, Wealth growth, Expertise growth and Self-growth as the key focus areas to drive your planning and your goals.

In a recent workshop, Magnetic 2017, Shannon hosted 6 local business women in Perth and shared with them her Effortless Success Framework, a solution for planning and making 2017 great. At the end of the Shannon and the 6 lovely ladies in business had a conversation about planning and using the Effortless Success Plan. Listen in to hear their experiences of planning, how they have planned in the past, what worked or didn’t work and what they believe planning will allow them to have moving forward in their business’s and lives.

At the end of the day the big take away is planning doesn’t have the be a dull process that doesn’t engage you. it can be motivating and a focused driver for your future success.

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Links to connect with the workshop participants
Lynette Delane from Kits and Bits
Sarah Thomson from Online Social Butterfly
Lacey Filipich from Money School
Tamsin Young from Tamsin Young dot com
Jo Alilovic from 3D HR Legal
Katrina Alilovic, psychologist and couples counsellor

Notable Quotes

“Being reactive, not proactive wasn’t working for me”

“If you are wanting to change, to improve or achieve then you are growing”

“In your planning, make sure you put things on their that make you feel a little bit scared, or a little bit overwhelmed or stretched because then you know you’re on the right path. Rather than going super comfortable and staying in the ‘safe zone’”

“The plans we write are about me as a person and me in my business”

“Planning can allow so much freedom if we put the right structures in place to support us and our business and our clients, our family and the balance and lifestyle we want to create. It can create incredible freedom and flexibility”

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