LOE 014 – Being Coached The Creative Possibility Way w/ Sarah Thomson | Podcast

being coached the creative possibility way | coached by shannon bush

In Episode 014 you’ll hear Shannon Bush and Sarah Thomson discuss what it is like being coached the Creative Possibility way. Shannon and Sarah discuss finding the right business coach and how the first coach you go to may not be the right one for you.

Sarah shares her experiences of having a coach and how it wasn’t a great first experience. Listen in to hear what Sarah thinks if the hallmark of successful one-on-one coaching. Getting stuck in your business can hold you back but when you work with the right person and understand how to ask yourself powerful questions, to challenge yourself and set yourself up with the right support things definitely become more effortless. It could mean finding a great coach or finding another way to do things. Remember, the accountability of a good coach will kick your butt with a smile and a if you want it, a good hug.

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Notable Quotes

‘We are intrinsically part of our business. Who I am is not just about the business that I run Its about who I am as a wife, a mother, a friend and what goals I am working towards in my life.’

‘Once you start your own business you have to give yourself permission to say: this is my business and I have these strengths and this is how I want to being them to the table.’

‘The accountability of a good coach will kick your butt with a smile and a hug.’

‘The core hallmarks of successful one-on-one coaching is not only do you help me identify those skills, but you then said right what’s the plan and how can we break this down? Getting stuck in the how can hold you back. But coaching with you [Shannon] was effortless.’

‘When we run our business, we need to run it for life.’

‘Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed if someone is not right for you. It’s ok to interview people. Its ok to ask if you can talk to clients they currently work with. Do some homework and check out their testimonials.’

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