LOE 016 – 7 Mindset Support Strategies For A Magnetic 2017 | Solo Show w/ Shannon Bush

loe-podcast-016-mindset-support-strategies-for-a-magnetic-2017-shannon-bush | business coach Perth

In Episode 16 Shannon Bush shares her 7 Mindset Support Strategies for a more magnetic 2017. Discover the importance of reviewing your year, planning, simplifying, visioning, innovation, action and repetition all while making the most of what worked and didn’t work in the past year in your business.

If you want to have a more magnetic 2017 listen in and follow the steps Shannon explores with you in this episode and you’re setting yourself up to soar in 2017. Self care is so important, along with the 7 Mindset Support Strategies, so that you can be the best and do the best leading your business.

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Notable Quotes

‘If you don’t have a plan or something mapped out, you’re really businessing with no direction, no focus, and no goals, no visions, and really an uncertain direction.’

‘Dare to let yourself dream, imagine and vision and think about what’s possible – even if right now it feels impossible.’

‘Action is considered, strategic, its align with you plans and your goals and its regular and measured.’

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