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Law Of Effortlessness Podcast 017 Simplicity of Productivity Jo Bendle | Shannon Bush | Business Coach Perth Marketing Coaching

Listen in to episode 17 of the Law Of Effortlessness Podcast and discover the simplicity of productivity. Productivity coach, Jo Bendle and Shannon Bush discuss all things productivity.

Jo explains the biggest block to productivity is fear and she shares the amazing concept of ‘Imperfect Action’ and how it transformed her business and her life as she took to the road as a location independent global entrepreneur.

Imperfect Action gave Jo permission to get out there, try things, do stuff, and more importantly help people, but without it having to being perfect. She uncovered a big message for herself in doing this; that nothing is broken!

Hear Jo and Shannon share a realisation that freedom comes through discipline. By simplifying the process through daily discipline and you can have more freedom than you could ever want.

As always it’s a juicy, fun, practical conversation that every business owner will want to tune into.

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Notable Quotes

‘So many business owners are stuck is busy-ness not business. They are doing for the sake of doing.’

‘Less is more.’

‘Fear is the block to productivity.’

‘Imperfect action is better than no action. And what that’s done is allowed me, its given me permission to get out there, try things, do stuff, more importantly help people, but without it being perfect. And the message here is that nothing broke!’

‘Only good things will come from taking imperfect action.’

‘Freedom comes through discipline.’

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