LOE 020 – Business and Creativity, A Match Made In Heaven w/ Elle Roberts | Podcast

LOE Podcast 020 Business and Creativity with Elle Roberts | Artful Business Conference | Shannon Bush Business Coach

In Episode 20 of Law of Effortlessness, Shannon Bush talks with Creativity Champion and founder of Artful Business Conference and Community, Elle Roberts all about business and creativity and how beneficial they are to each other. Hear the ladies talk about how the words creativity and innovation are becoming more interchangeable in terms in the way they are used in business. Creativity and innovation also reference problem solving and big picture or different thinking and provide ways to challenge pre conceived ideal strategies and the norm. All totally good things. Elle and Shannon have some pearls of wisdom you have to hear.

Learn how your business is actually your art form. We are all creative, some may be more artistic than others but we are all creative. Creativity isn’t about painting or drawing a picture to put on the wall. There are so many different ways to be creative, from the food you cook, to the clothes you wear and the way you style your hair, right down to the way you plan in your business. Business and creativity really are a match made in heaven and these ladies will show you how.

You’ll be left asking yourself, how can you harness your creative power in your business to do business your way with your ideal clients?

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Notable Quotes

‘The words creativity and innovation are becoming more interchangeable in terms in the way that they reference problem solving and big picture or different thinking and challenging strategies and the norm – which is great.’

‘Whatever is your skill, that is your art.’

‘Business is your art form.’

‘Do it your way, whatever it needs to look like.’

‘Not everyone has to do everything the same way.’

‘Find that system, that place, that space, that way that makes sense to you and your business. And you stick with it.’

‘As a human being we have the ability to find our own path. And the most important part of that is that it is ok to find your own path.’

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