LOE 022 – Facebook Groups As A Marketing Strategy | Shannon Bush | Podcast

LOE Podcast 022 Facebook Groups as a Marketing Strategy_ Shannon Bush

In Episode 022 of Law of Effortless Podcast, Shannon Bush shares her thoughts on Facebook Groups as a marketing strategy for your business.

Are you already in Facebook groups? Are you actively engaged in the group? Are you known and seen in the groups that you are in?

Shannon describes some key things you can do to get started in a Facebook group which are super easy to implement. Get to know people in the group so they can get to know you. Start building relationships with others. That is the essence of marketing. Shannon freely gives some top tips on making offers in Facebook groups that are so key to how you see your worth as a person, personally and in business.

Hear about the traps that people often feel with discounting their products, services and selves; and also the ramifications that can occur and what it actually means to discount what you are offering. This certainly gives you some things to think about in regards to using Facebook groups as a marketing strategy.

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Notable Quotes

‘Be really clear about why you want to start a group. What you want to get out of it, how you are going to showcase yourself, how are you going to manage the group, what type of people do you want in your group?’

‘As a marketing strategy, Facebook groups can be a fantastic place for you to go and to showcase who you are, to allow people to have a conversation with you in an online environment, to get to know what you believe in, the why’s behind your business, to get to know the products and services you provide, and the things you’re interested in.’

‘Just start to interact with people. It’s the best place to start out in a group.’

‘Marketing is about relationships.’

‘Facebook groups are not an opportunity to automatically discount you products, yourself or your services.’

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