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Law of Effortlessness Podcast | Personal Leadership Archetypes | Episode 23 part 2 | Business Coach Perth | Women's Strengths

In Part 2 of Episode 023 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, Shannon reveals the remaining archetypes in her Personal Leadership Style framework and she also talks about her new program ‘Magnetic Me’. You can listen to Part 1 of Episode 023 here.

Shannon delves into the final 6 Archetypes which are revealed in this episode: Mother Nurturer, Networker Connector, Pioneer Seeker, Queen Ruler, Shapeshifter Alchemist, and Visionary Creator.

Discover what these ladies’ key messages and what their key questions are. Knowing your archetypes opens you up to a whole new way of existing in the world. A way driven by your strengths and a way that gives you permission to be who you truly are.

Shannon shares an overview of her new ‘Magnetic Me’ program which focuses on unlocking your Effortless Success Zone – it taps you into a way to work to your strengths through knowing your Personal Leadership Archetypes.

The ‘Magnetic Me’ program runs over 4 weeks and covers:
Week 1 – Who am I?;
Week 2 – Realising your strengths;
Week 3 – Transform your challenges;
and Week 4 – Permission to be you.

Find out more about Magnetic Me, including detailed information about what’s covered in each week’s live content call here

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Notable Quotes

Mother Nurturer:
‘Key message: To self nurture first and to grow and be open.’
‘Key Question: Where am I not nurturing myself?’

Networker Connector:
‘Key message: Has a mission that centres on bringing others together to connect and grow’
‘Key Question: Where am I not feeling connected?’

Pioneer Seeker:
‘Key message: To look within for the treasures as she takes a transformational journey or rite of passage from innocent maiden to mature and powerful woman’
‘Key Question: What do I already know and have that is a treasure?’

Queen Ruler:
‘Key message: Ruler-ship with generous compassion’
‘Key Question: Where am I feeling threatened? Why am I feeling threatened?’

Shapeshifter Alchemist:
‘Key message: Your greatest power comes in being you’
‘Key Question: How can I allow myself to been seen or visible?’

Visionary Creator:
‘Key Message: Visioning and actioning creative possibility’
‘Key Question: Where am I not expressing myself?’

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