LOE 029 – Content Marketing Barriers | Shannon Bush + Swapna Thomas

LOE 029 Content Marketing Barriers and What To Do About Them _ Swapna Thomas | Business Coach Marketing Coaching Perth

In Episode 029 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, Swapna Thomas is back to talk all things content marketing including the barriers and what to do about them with your host Shannon Bush.

Shannon and Swapna dive deep into the barriers they have both seen with their clients around content marketing and content creation. Not only do they talk about the barriers but they also offer you some solutions to try if you struggle with content marketing. The wisdom shared between these two ladies is something you need to immerse yourself in and try to put in place with your business.

If you worry that you don’t have anything to say or that there is so much information on the topic you want to create content on, don’t let that stop you from sharing your knowledge on that topic. There is always a different perspective or different angle to share on a topic. Shannon and Swapna encourage you to get creative and make it effortless.

Enjoy this podcast episode and be open to see what you can take away from this episode and implement in your business to boost your confidence and production of content marketing and content creation.

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Notable Quotes

“Blogging is one way of creating content for you audience – but that is just one half of the puzzle. The other half is delivering that content to your audience in a way they can consume it and actually take action on it.”

“You have to spend time or money on your content creation and marketing that content.”

“There is always something new to share about a topic. There is always a different perspective or different angle to share. Get creative.”

“Raise the bar of the content that you are creating.”

“What kind of expectations do you have from your marketing strategies and content strategies because this is not a short-term plan, it’s a long-term game and you should have that vision for your marketing.”

“Have patience and hang in there.”

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