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Welcome to episode 055 of Law of Effortlessness – the second episode in the Effortless Business Events Take Over series!

Shannon is joined by Effortless Business Events collaborator Sarah Thomson (whom you might remember from episodes 051, and 054) to discuss the current business landscape for small businesses. Consideration is made to what is happening locally in Perth where they are based, and more broadly in Australia where a majority of their clients are based.

Sarah Thomson established Online Social Butterfly in 2011 and offers dynamic online marketing expertise to business owners. Her most popular topics include marketing in the digital age, social media and websites.

Sarah brings with her a 15-year background in corporate marketing, spanning multi-nationals, government, not-for-profit and the small business sector in both Sydney and the UK. Her enthusiasm for the industry is currently propelling her through a Master’s degree in Web Communications.

From the perils of comparison-itis and overwhelm, to how a shift in mindset can completely change how you view competition – especially in terms of pricing. Shannon and Sarah share their philosophy for marketing including a big discussion on discounting and undercutting.

Shannon and Sarah explore the true alignment between who you and what you offer, and the importance of ensuring the people you’re targeting for your business actually do want what you have to offer them.

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Connect with Sarah via her website here and on Instagram and Facebook here.

Find out more about Effortless Business Events on their website here, or like and follow the Facebook Page here.

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“There are so many possible things to try in the digital and content marketing space #strategyabundance.”

“Panic driven marketing does not work.”

“When you go into a place of overwhelm in your business – we are all so busy all the time that it’s like an athlete who doesn’t have a resting heart rate so when something happens you go into overwhelm.”

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