2016 Business Plan : Your Plan To Succeed

Are you a planner?  A dreamer?

Someone with big ideas for your business?

A visionary?  Someone who wants to change the world?

Planning is the difference between you staying right where you are and moving forward, onwards and upwards to the next level in your business and your life.

Your 2016 Business Plan : Your Key To Focused Success

Business success starts with planning.  It really is that simple.

You wouldn’t go on an expensive trip without a plan (well yes someone might do that, but it’d likely be someone with plenty of financial backing behind them to cover the unforeseen expenses…) so why do you think that you can lead your business without one?

Over the years I have been coaching I have heard a multitude of reasons why planning might not be for you.  I have also seen probably hundreds of different types of plans.  I’ve heard from people who love to plan and actively do it all the time.

2016 business plan

I’ve heard from some who plan every now and then and those who invest a lot of time in planning only to rarely, or never look at the plan they poured hours and hours of love and focus into.  I’ve also heard from and spoken to people who refuse to plan, saying it’s just not for them.

What I can tell you is that I have seen the difference between a business that succeeds and one that doesn’t seem to get there, or not sustain their success.  More often than not it comes down to planning and commitment to follow your plan once you’ve created it.

Your 2016 Business Plan, if created for you specifically, using a method, system or model that makes sense to you, has the potential to accelerate your success.

I believe that 100%.

For my 2016 Business Plan I’ll be using my Effortless Success Framework.  It helps to focus on the core areas that I know help my business and life to grow.  I map out 3 core goals for each of 4 core areas then use this as my foundations for all the growth I achieve each year.

Want to know more?  I’m hosting a 6 week mastermind, Your Effortless 2016 starting in January 2016.  Love to have you join me.  Find out more here.

Your Effortless 2016 | 2016 Business Plan

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