The 4 Step Formula For Marketing That Converts

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Marketing is about building exceptional relationships.  It’s an essential function of business and great marketing is the difference between consistent, sustained growth and stagnancy.  If marketing is about relationships, then the question to ask is “how do you create these exceptional relationships?”

The 4 Step Marketing Formula – to create marketing that converts – provides a framework you can apply to any marketing or promotional strategy.

It’s relevant to email marketing, print media, digital marketing, social media marketing, networking – any marketing strategy you can think of can be viewed from this formula and I believe it is the backbone of confident content marketing.  It can be applied in any business and any industry.  Once you understand the 4 steps you’ll be able to look at the way you market and adjust your approach with greater confidence.

I’m all about making marketing easier so let’s look at the 4 steps one by one.

:: interrupt :: it’s all about getting attention

How do you get someone’s attention when you’re marketing and promoting your business and yourself?  It starts with the first impression.  When you’re marketing “in person” it’s about how you present yourself, starting with whether you can clearly articulate who you are and what you do.  When we talk about the online space it’s still about first impressions.  How do you show up?  Is it consistent, on brand and on message?
These are things to consider when your goal is to get someone’s attention; to interrupt them long enough that they can become engaged and want to learn more, listen longer, read more or follow what you’re sharing all the way to the end.  Your headlines, imagery, brand – they are all first impressions.  What sort of first impression are you making and would you get your attention?

:: engage :: show you understand your prospects and your clients in a genuine way

Once you have someone’s attention the next step is about generating engagement.  It is about capturing that attention and it’s achieved by showing you understand your prospects needs, that you understand who they are and what’s important to them.  It is more than simply listing their pain points and a bunch of convincing statements to try and show someone you can change things around for them if they invest in x, y or z.  Genuinely show people you “get them” and what they are looking for.  Be aware of the language being used in your copy, the messages being shared and even the images you’re using.  Is the body of your marketing aligned with your attention getting activity?  If not what can you change?

:: educate :: share your knowledge generously

Educating your prospects is one of the simplest ways to reassure them that you are, in fact, the person they have been looking for to help them with whatever it is they need help with.  Simple really, yet something many business owners struggle with.  What specific knowledge do you have that your prospects are looking for?  How can you share that knowledge in bite sized pieces that becomes easy to digest?  Is what you have to share valuable?  Is the offer you’re going to share valuable? (it should be!)  What are the benefits, the promise that things can be different and better if someone works with you or buys your product and how can you convey them?  Education should be simple and consistent.  Show up, be of value, demonstrate knowledge then rinse and repeat!

:: offer :: make ONE invitation to work together

The biggest mistake I see with offers being made comes down to the confusion they can create.  Simply formula is – one offer only!  When you make multiple offers you provide too many choices and this can lead to uncertainty and even overwhelm.  If someone has to think too long and hard about something and “come back”, they probably won’t, sad as that is.  So one offer only, supported by clear contact details that make it easy for people to take action.

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