5 Questions to help you get clear on what you want in 2011

PictureI recently shared 5 fabulous questions with you in the article Reflecting on 2010 and uncovering the brightly coloured gems.  I hope that you were able to uncover some of the brightly coloured gems in your life

Now you have the opportunity to take your reflection a step further with another 5 questions and statements that I call ‘visioning opportunities’.  Each one will help you to clarify the vision you are working towards this coming year so that you can really create your own Creative Possibility

Before you answer the questions I want you to firstly imagine it is 31st December 2011.  Imagine you are sitting somewhere quietly contemplating the year that has been and all that you are celebrating.  It would be really honouring if you could sit somewhere inspiring, perhaps light a candle and have some of the things you treasure around you (just like you might do on 31st December).  Now answer or finish the following;

1. What are the three main goals that I am celebrating having achieved?

2. What were the three main celebrations I participated in this year and what was I celebrating?
3. This year I spent X amount of time (days / weeks / months) taking time out from work or my business and I did…..
4. My great big abundance goal I achieved for this year (how much money I made, the riches I have in my life) was….
5. I am most grateful for the following 5 or more things in my life…..

Just as with the questions from last week, taking time to answer these questions as a reflection piece is a lovely way to honour yourself, your journey and the vision you have for the coming year.

Look out next week for an article to help you set your big abundance goal!  I’d love to know how you find this and what you discover so please add your comments below

Happy reflecting….

In case you missed last weeks questions they were;

  1. Who inspired you most in the past year and why?
  2. What is the one thing above all else that you are most proud of this year and who supported you to achieve it?
  3. List the names of 5 new friends you made this year and write down 5 words to describe the gifts each of them shared with you
  4. List the names of 5 ‘old’ friends (those treasured ones who you have known longer than this past year) and write down 5 words to describe the gifts each of them shared with you this year
  5. List 5 things you have learnt about yourself this year and who were the people who helped you to learn these things?

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