January 2020

Terms & Conditions

1.0 Contract Terms

We provide a range of training, consultation and coaching services to you on the terms that follow in this document. If you place an order with us for any services provided by Creative Possibility Outcomes Pty, Ltd, trading as Creative Possibility then, unless we notify you that we do not accept your order, a legally binding contract will be formed between you and Creative Possibility (“I”,“we”, “us” or “Creative Possibility”).

The terms of that contract are as set out here, together with any representation that we have made about the relevant Services on our website. All other terms and conditions contained in any other document, and all other representations, are excluded unless their inclusion is expressly agreed in writing, for example within a relevant Service or Investment Agreement document

2.0 Payment for Goods and Services

2.1 Payments are accepted via EFT, Debit Card or Credit Card in advance of your session, service or in accordance with your Service and Investment Agreements signed and returned prior to the delivery of services

2.2 In most instances payment for services is required in full at or prior to the first consultation. If we agree that payment is to be made via invoice this will be detailed in writing as part of your service agreement and full payment of the invoice due within 7 days of the date of the invoice and before the delivery of services commences.

Payment in full, for all goods (products) purchased via the Creative Possibility website or direct from a member of the Creative Possibility team is due at time purchase.

2.3 Your Service and Investment Agreements will outline your full investment of fees for services requested. Unless otherwise stated fees include all relevant taxes, for example, Goods and Services Tax (GST) as applicable in Australia

2.4 Payment Options

2.4.1 Electronic Funds / Direct Bank Account Transfer details

Account Name: Creative Possibility

Bank: ANZ Karrinyup
BSB: 016350

Account No: 200406005

Reference: Quote your surname or Business Name and invoice number


2.4.2 Credit Card Payments

Visa and MasterCard credit or debit card payments are accepted online via a secure payment gateway, e- Way. Please note that electronic credit card payments attract a 3% processing and administration fee which is included in the total amount quoted for products listed for purchase on the Creative Possibility website. The same processing and administration fee is included in any fees quoted for the delivery of services provided by Creative Possibility including, but not limited to, coaching, training and consulting

2.5 Overdue Payments

2.5.1 If paying via invoice or scheduled and agreed payment plan (i.e. monthly deductions via Credit or Debit Card for coaching and consulting services) and payment is between 7 and 14 days overdue you will be charged a late payment fee of 15% of the total invoice amount in addition to the principle amount detailed on the invoice or signed payment plan. If payment is more than 14 days overdue you will be charged a late payment fee of 30% of the total invoice amount in addition to the principle amount detailed on the invoice or signed payment plan.

2.5.2 Creative Possibility reserves the right to suspend the services or terminate the contract between you, the client and us, the service provider if our charges are more than 45 days overdue for payment by you. In this instance all fees overdue require immediate payment and an additional 50% of the total invoice amount in addition to the principle amount detailed on the invoice will be charged to your account.

3.0 Refunds

3.1 Coaching and Training Services Refunds

Creative Possibility Abundantly Satisfied Guarantee

While we are 100% confident you’re going to be completely satisfied with your investment in services provided by Creative Possibility, we want you to feel at ease making your decision to invest.

Therefore our owner, Shannon Bush offers you her personal Abundantly Satisfied Guarantee. What that means is, if after 30 days, you have participated in all scheduled consultations or coaching sessions, have taken action and implemented all of the material we cover together in the context of a program, or you purchase a services product and can prove that you have implemented the information you have learnt and you are not happy with the outcomes then let us know and we will refund your full investment to that point. minus administrative fees.

Send a written request to Creative Possibility owner, Shannon Bush, via email hello@creativepossibility.com.au outlining your dissatisfaction and showing written evidence of how you have taken action and implemented the knowledge you have gained from interaction with the services provided by Creative Possibility. If due evidence can be shown regarding your learning and action taken then your investment will be refunded within 21 days of receipt of your request.

3.2 Ending Coaching and Consulting Contracts / Service Agreements

In the event that you decide not to continue with your coaching or consulting contract with Shannon Bush, 30 days notice, in writing, outlining the reasons for wanting to end the contract. On receipt of your written request, the information will be reviewed before the contract can be ended.

No refunds of fees paid to that date will be made if you have paid in full, up front for services outlined in your signed Service and Investment Agreement.

If you have elected to pay in monthly installments you are required to pay 100% of the remaining outstanding payments due beyond the 30 days written notice to break your contract. A monthly payment plan is offered to assist you to make payment over time. It does not constitute a month by month service therefore the full amount is still due to be paid in line with your original agreement and as outlined in this document.

Please refer to section 2.5 Overdue Payments above so that you are aware of any additional fees that may be incurred for any late or missed payments at the time you provide written notice of your wish to break the contract.

3.3 Putting Services On Hold

If for some reason you wish to put your coaching services on hold please submit a detailed written request to Creative Possibility owner, Shannon Bush, providing 30 days notice at a minimum. It is not our practice to place Service Agreements (contracts), or the delivery of services on hold therefore each request will be addressed individually.

Please understand that it is not a given that your contract can be placed on hold. If your contract is altered you will be required to sign an amendment to your existing contract and all outstanding fees at the time of the request must be paid in full before the new contract takes effect. Your initial investment agreement is still effective and your outstanding fees, if paying in installments, will be due in line with your new amended contract.

Choosing to engage services and selecting a month by month investment option does not mean that the services delivered are done so month by month and you can cancel at any time without financial impact. Please be sure to carefully read the clauses in our Investment Agreement and be aware of the financial commitment you are making prior to agreeing to engage services from Creative Possibility and Shannon Bush.

Please note that additional fees may be incurred depending on the details of the amended contract.

3.4 Product Refunds

Please refer to our current Purchasing Policy for details of our product refunds and returns.

4.0 Rescheduling Consultations and Coaching Sessions

24 hours notice is required for the rescheduling or cancellation of a private consultation. It is Creative Possibility’s preference that cancellations be made in person by telephone (Please leave a message if Shannon is unable to speak with you), as email and sms cancellations are not always reliable. Failure to reschedule within the specified notice period will result in you forfeiting the session.

5.0 Cancellation of Workshop/ Training Programs

Please note that a 50% cancellation fee applies if you cancel your booking less than 2 weeks prior to the commencement date. The cancellation fee is due to be paid within 7 days of your cancellation notification.

If your cancellation is less than 48 hours prior to the event or program then a cancellation fee of 100% applies and if not yet paid, is due to be paid within 7 days of your cancellation.


6.0 Service Agreement For Coaching and Consulting Services

Both Creative Possibility owner, Shannon Bush and you, the client, sign a Terms of Service Agreement Form prior to the commencement of services. This document, known as a Service Agreement, provides specific information relating to the delivery of
services that will be provided by Creative Possibility. All relevant terms and conditions outlined within your Service Agreement and this document come into effect at the time the document is signed and your signed copy returned to Creative Possibility. Failing to sign and return the document will lead to a cancellation of services before commencement.

7.0 Terms and Conditions Queries

If you have any queries relating to the terms of this agreement, please forward your query in writing to Shannon Bush, owner at Creative Possibility via email; hello@creativepossibility.com.au

Last reviewed by Shannon Bush, owner, Creative Possibility, January 2020. This document supersedes any previous copies of terms and conditions documents created and published by Creative Possibility.