A Leader? Who Me? Yes YOU!

You may have gathered that leadership is one of my great passions.  Really, personal leadership is, in my opinion and from my observation, the ultimate in empowerment.  Being a leader or taking on a leadership role is not out of your reach.  To be a leader doesn’t mean you have to be getting up in front of large groups of people sharing your message, being the front person in an organisation or taking the reigns of some important, very visible project.  It starts with you being you.  It means that you get to call the shots, stand tall, stride forward with purpose and live your life on your terms.  Now tell me, who doesn’t want to experience that?

Over the past couple of years I have to say that I have developed a very intimate relationship with my inner leader, the best friend to my inner Creative Goddess and I have to say that together they head up my cheer squad, encouraging me, nurturing me, guiding me and inspiring me to live my best life every day

Today I share with you my top 3 tips for getting to know your inner leader;

1. Own Your Leadership Potential
So often I meet women who just don’t see themselves as leaders.  We all have leadership potential.  We all have the potential to be truly, authentically empowered.  Look around and see who you inspire.  To those people you are a leader so start seeing yourself as one and own your leadership potential

2. Boldly Express Who You Really Are
Whilst I have been hosting the Empower Hour Series one thing I have heard time and time again is that it is so important that we are not afraid of showing the world who we are.  Being a leader means daring to let everyone see the real you, all of the time if possible.  Don’t try to be someone else or something that you are not

3. Do 1 Thing Every Day To Connect With Your Inner Leader
Set an intention daily to do 1 thing each and every day to connect with your inner leader.  She really does want you to notice her!  (really she does…) It doesn’t have to be a big time consuming thing.  It could be something as simple as asking her what she’d do if you’re faced with a decision or challenge.  The just let yourself be still and quiet for a moment and see what she guidance she has to offer

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article a much as I did creating it for you!  please share your thoughts, questions and a-ha’s below

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