The Advocate Rescuer

The Innate Potential Model has at its core 12 archetypal Personal Leadership types featured in the international best selling book Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose

The key message and personal leadership lesson of the Advocate Rescuer is to be ‘a voice for all equally’

Advocate Rescuer Created by Shannon BushKey innate strengths of the Advocate Rescuer are

  • A fierce drive to serve humanity with humility you can teach others how to effortlessly drop ego driven prejudices and judgements with your capacity to help those others may simply ignore
  • You have a unique, almost magical way of inspiring others to put compassion into action
  • Provide strength and support to others in crisis
  • You act out of love with no expectation of reward
  • Embody a life long quest and devotion to championing the rights of others and a passion to transform social justices, driven by a genuine compassion for the human race and the world itself and all her inhabitants
  • You are dedicated to inspiring and empowering groups and causes
  • Take action! You do not sit around talking about what you could do, but instead you are the one getting out there in the world walking your talk, guiding others to support your quest and inspiring them through your dedication, compassion and unique ability to see the good in all
  • Possess an essence of youth and an inner beauty that comes with gentleness of heart and genuine desire to bring out purity and self love in all
  • Your gift of compassion means you have the ability to listen deeply and allow others and yourself the space needed to go through whatever needs to be experienced and to feel whatever needs to be felt in a loving, supportive, even healing way
  • You have a natural ability to heal and can hear the cries of many before taking action to resolve their pain


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