Are You Hiding From Abundance?

Hello Creative Goddess!  I’ve got a very important question to ask you today.  I want you to take a moment to answer this honestly and without judgement;Picture

“Do you feel as rich as you want to be?  as abundant as you deserve to be?”

Ok, that was sort of 2 questions rolled into one but they are very important questions that I hope you take the time to answer.  You see I find that when I’m not feeling as rich as I want to be, not as abundant as I deserve to be and I stop to consider why, if I am really honest, I have to admit that I am hiding!  Now that might sound strange but I am opening up here in an attempt to help you understand something that women do.  We hide!  It might be because we feel scared of what might happen if we step up, who we might upset if we do what we really want to do, what we stand to lose if all these hopes and dreams we have become a reality

That might sound a bit irrational but if it were so silly then why do so many of us share these same feelings?   Why do we hide?  Surely if we want something bad enough we do everything we can to make that a reality?  Not necessarily.  There are soooo many reasons behind our behaviours and I’m not going to go into them here.  Instead I want to give you the opportunity, if you have been hiding, to stop hiding once and for all and come out into the light of abundance where you can shine brilliantly and brightly and be well rewarded!

I share a lot about abundance and I believe that abundance is all of life’s riches including every single thing that we believe makes us wealthy, including money and financial wealth.  I also know that we must welcome abundance into our lives, not simply to have enough financial wealth to live a comfortable life but in order to be able to help others, our families, our client, our community, those less fortunate than us in our world

The more I delve into this topic of abundance and work through my own abundance challenges and help my clients to do the same the more I realise that a significant number of women hide from abundance.  It’s like we have an inbuilt (conscious or unconscious) mechanism that means we hide away from something that I believe is our Goddess given right; to live rich, rewarding lives that overflow with abundance!

I’m so passionate about women understanding their value so that their net worth (the sum of their abundance) is equally and freely reflected in all areas of their lives.  Positive self value (also sometimes called self worth) is so imperative to us being able to be the women, the Creative Goddesses we want (and deserve) to be.  Today I’m going to share with you an abundance reflection that you can do each day to help you come out from behind whatever it is you’ve been hiding behind to let the abundance that’s waiting to waltz into your life do just that

Abundance Reflection
At the end of each day complete the following 5 abundance rich statements;

  1. Today I feel rich because…..
  2. Today I feel abundant because……
  3. Today I…….. to welcome abundance into my life
  4. Today I…….. to share my brilliance with the world
  5. Tomorrow I commit to……. in order to ensure I am open and ready to welcome abundance to flow freely into my life

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