Are You Living Your Life Purpose?

PictureCan you answer this question or is your life purpose still a bit of a mystery to you?  I have spent a lot of time investing in defining my life purpose over the past few months because whilst I had a feeling I knew what I was here to do I still wanted to gain some clarity.  With clarity comes the opportunity to step up and act from a place that you know is right for you.  It is as though the veils of mystery and haze have been lifted and everything becomes a whole lot clearer in life

Defining your purpose can be a challenging prospect for many of us because we can often feel a sense of overwhelm in trying to get it right.  Our purpose can also become a challenging thing to implement, if we choose to let ourselves become overwhelmed in our attempts to live up to what we are supposed to be.  In my experience this hasn’t been the case….

When I got clear on what I was here to do in this lifetime and made a committment to myself to nurture my journey to fulfill that life purpose the universe started to respond, acknowledging the support I was giving myself by reflecting back additional support to help me on my way

I now call what I am doing with my life ‘living on purpose’ because that is exactly what I am doing.  I take the time to honour why I am here and by maintaining an awareness of all that happens around me and the choices and responses I act out each and every day I know that I am headed in the right direction and really ‘living on purpose’

As we move into 2011 I am creating a new program that will enable you to define your life purpose and to put in place everything you’ll need to ensure that you too are ‘living on purpose” from this point forward.  Think about why you are here in this world and consider how much happier you were if you were ‘living on purpose’ just like I am.  What sort of life would you be living?

If you are already ‘living on purpose’ then I’d love to know what that purpose is and how you are honouring it so please add a comment below

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