Are You Looking Within Your Organisation For Your Next Big Idea Or Solution?

Much of the time organisations, big and small, are guided by a belief that they need to look externally for their next big idea, innovation or success strategy. The reality is more often than not your team hold all those brilliant ideas you’re desperately searching for.

When I have raise this concept with organisations I get feedback that suggests that a lot of the time it doesn’t feel like they have easy access to the answers, the solutions, the ideas and they certainly don’t believe that those things could be right under their noses.

The other key thing I discover is that the decision makers and strategic leaders in the business or organisation have made one big assumption. They have decided that the internal team doesn’t have what they need due to one main reason. They haven’t even asked them if they do!

So how do you address this?

How do you create a valuable ideas generation opportunity, an innovation and creativity, solutions focused culture, within an organisation?

How do you engage employees to share their ideas?

How do you get the buy in from relevant stakeholders to listen to and act on the ideas that are shared?

All great questions and all relevant and valuable. Often it’s this raft of questions that becomes the block to even asking for those ideas and solutions in the first place. All those questions can easily amount to a list of unanswered or unanswerable questions that just make the whole task of harnessing the talent within your organisation (those brilliant ideas!) too difficult and everything then ends up in the too hard basket.

I’ve seen this time and time again, both in my many corporate roles and also as a business consultant and trainer working with organisations of all sizes, across a variety of industries. I have also seen organisations spend a significant amount of time and money (and even emotion) sourcing outside support to generate and implement the next big thing when they had a wealth of credible ideas and projects waiting to be birthed sitting right under their noses, so to speak.

It doesn’t have to be a “too hard basket” thing to gather and leverage the ideas your employees and team members are, quite likely, generating all of the time.

Here’s three easy to implement strategies to turn your organisation into a valuable ideas factory starting now!

  1. Reward Solutions
  2. Start An Ideas Bank
  3. Implement New Ideas Regularly

It is not about trying to change things over night. As with many things in life, we don’t get to where we are overnight, so it is unreasonable to think we can make drastic changes and get instant results in a very short time frame.

Instead, prioritise what’s most important for your organisation and take small steps to make the changes you believe are most valuable to bring in the results you want. The culture of your organisation, will, given time and consistent support, adjust to the “new way of doing things” and before you know it all those small steps will combine together to result in that next big idea being the difference between your organisation staying where it is now, and thriving into the future.

In future articles I’ll share more about how to execute the strategies suggested above. Keep in mind that going to your team members and asking them how to do the same is a first great step in harnessing that talent sitting right there in front of you.



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Shannon Bush is a coach, consultant and trainer dedicated to providing solutions that harness Personal Leadership and innovation to create Effortless Success in business and life. She is an award winning business owner, international best selling author, authority on Personal Leadership, innovation, Right Brain Leadership and creativity in business. Her extensive experience is genuinely unique. Often described as colourful and passionate, Shannon has crafted her own brand of business brilliance by challenging the old ways of critical thinking with client focused solutions offering new perspectives and strength driven outcomes.

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