Are You Making Things Hard For Yourself?

Just last week I had the amazing opportunity of speaking about Personal Leadership and Effortless Success at the Everywoman Business Events “You As A Leader” event.  Each time I present on these topics I am reminded of the incredible impact that our beliefs have on our ability to create a confident, content, compassionate, creative, couragous life

You see so many of us live with beliefs that are holding us back, limiting us, preventing us or sabotaging us from something we genuinely deserve.  I shared that I’d grown up with the very well intentioned belief that if you work really, really hard then if you are lucky you’ll do well.  At the same time there was an underlying message that doing well wasn’t anything fabulous.  It was just having enough of everything

Now I’m not a greedy person by any means but I find this message very limiting.  You see one key thing I have learnt on my journey as a woman in business is that the more I can generate (opportunities, contacts, clients, rewards of the financial kind), the more I can help others and give back in many, many different ways

Right now with my growing passion for teaching others how to choose what I call the ‘Path of Ease’ I ask you to consider if you might have some key beliefs that you are carrying around that are just down right negative baggage that you are letting hold you back.  If you are then you are also making things hard for yourself.  To experience Effortless Success is to be actively engaged in Personal Leadership.  It’s not as hard as it sounds.  Making a choice to discover and follow your own ‘Path of Ease’ is your first step

Have you joined one of our 90 minute Effortless Success power seminars recently?  we’ve got a couple scheduled soon.  Book via our Events Calendar ~ see you there soon!

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