Are You Or Your Business Suffering An Identity Crisis?

business identity crisis

Unsure of who you are and where you're heading in your business? You might be experiencing a business identity crisis!

It might sound funny but it’s not uncommon for a business to suffer an identity crisis, just as we can suffer these same identify crises personally.  If you stepped back and took a long hard look at your business would you say it’s got a clear, well defined and strong identity or is it in a bit of a crisis as to who it is?

Are you experiencing a business identity crisis?

An identity crisis is simply the critical state we find ourselves in when we are not sure who we are.  Anything that has an identity can therefore suffer a crisis and sadly it doesn’t have to take much to get to that critical point.

It can also be quite simple to avoid crisis in your business and life when it comes to the identities of both and here is a simple strategy I use to help with this…

I am going to share one of my tips but firstly I want to give you a bit more to think about.

When you have a strong personal identity you are more likely to;

  • Know what you want and need
  • Confidently ask for and receive what we want and need
  • Have a defined vision for your business and life
  • Know what you need to do and have to get there
  • Take action
  • Create an environment that supports your vision
  • Have self worth and believe in your value thus setting the scene for a healthier money mindset and even increased net worth
  • Have a competitive advantage over your competitors – a clear business identity can support you to communicate more clearly with your customers and clients because you are clear on who you are
  • Be seen as more credible, even an expert, because you can more confidently make a consistent, professional and lasting impression
  • Feel more aligned with your purpose because you are out there in the world as your genuine self, not trying to be someone or something you are not
  • Experience greater satisfaction, self assurance and confidence

These same benefits are available to your businesses so here’s the tip I promised;

Paint a vision of your ideal business, in a perfect world (and I mean literally paint, or draw, or collage…. – you access a different, more powerful part of your brain when you are creating and working with colour and images).

Then put that image somewhere that you can see it over and over and hold that image of you and your business, strong, powerful, conscious, connected, successful and anything else you want it to be.  Give your business identity some clarity and avoid another business identity crisis.

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