Be An Action Woman!


Last time I wrote about getting stuck on the how and I also highlighted one little point that’s ever so important.  I took a subtle approach and suggested to you that without taking forward action you won’t get very farToday I want to take a far more direct approach and tell you that without action you really won’t get anywhere.   You see I like to think of everything I do as a bit of a journey.  So how can you expect to fully engage in a journey if you don’t take action?A journey isn’t about sitting still.  It is about momentum and taking one step forward at a time toward a destination

With all my focus last week on moving you out of the stuck place of how I hope you’ve taken time to paint a picture in your mind, one filled with colour, sound and joyous celebration, of where you want to be?

Today then, if you haven’t already, I want you to take just one intention filled action that moves you forward towards living that celebration, making it real

Just one action.  That’s all.  One little action that’s forward moving and filled with beautiful intention that supports you to bring your visions to reality.  One today, one tomorrow, one the day after and so on.  Before you know it you’ll be well on your journey to succulent success and you’ll be able to look back with pride at how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time

Just one action a day….. that’s all it needs to be

What’s your intention filled action for today Action Woman?

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