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PictureHow did Monday get here so quickly?  I have just spent a weekend away as a participant in an incredible program for women.  Over the last three days I had the absolute honour of getting to know about 20 inspiring women whom I will spend a lot of time with over the next year.  We are all participants in the Catherine McAuley Award, a program dedicated to the development of women in leadership and service.  It is going to be a year of insight, creativity and transformation and I am very excited about being a part of this for myself and being a witness to this happening for others

With this week’s Monday Motivator Message focusing on Empowerment I was mindful over the past few days to honour myself and my journey by authentically standing in my own power and sharing that abundantly and creatively with others.  As a beautiful reminder to empower myself I bought home a little seedling of clary sage.  It represents wisdom, long life and esteem and is mine to nourish over the course of this year and beyond.  The seedling came to me after participating in a beautiful ritual to represent the healing and wisdom of being a woman and the growth that this year will bring

Today I want to share with you an exercise to help you to access your inner wisdom ~  the ‘Sage’ in you!  I see accessing your wisdom as an exercise in self awareness.  A great way to get the most out of this exercise is to treat it a bit like a daily reflective meditation ~  I like to call it my ‘Sage meditation’

Sage Meditation
I suggest that you use the questions I’m going to share with you at least once a day.  If you listened into last week’s webinar you will have heard me talk about mindset and will understand that when you put focus, intention and attention on something repeatedly your subconscious mind will help you, in fact it might work tirelessly to solve any question you ask

Your inner wisdom has all the answers you need but you actually need to connect with it and ask the questions!  With this in mind ask yourself these three questions, slowly, one at a time, become receptive, quietly wait in stillness for any creative images, ideas, words, or feelings that may surface to guide you on your journey of life

1) Who am I? or What is the Sage (wise) expression of Me?

2) How can I live my life from a place of my own wisdom? (if you like you can focus one day at a time and add the phrase ‘Just for today’ to the end of this question)

3) What ideas, beliefs, thoughts, perceptions (mindset) must I shift in order to realise the perfect idea of me in my life?

End your reflective meditation by giving thanks for the messages you’ve received (this is a great act of abundance). Then take any action you may feel inspired to take. Be flexible, open and receptive to going with the flow of your perfect life unfolding.  With this sort of intention you’ll be in the best (wise) place to receive the gifts that are coming your way

When you change the way you perceive and interpret what’s happening in your life you’ll start getting entirely different results.  What an empowering place to be

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