Do These Two Things Stop You From Being as Abundant as you Deserve


I’m so passionate about women being able to come to a place and space where they can genuinely feel deliciously and blissfully abundant in their lives.  I think it’s one of the key elements to really being able to create the personal freedom we so desire.  Creating abundance, success, personal freedom and more shouldn’t be a struggle.  Creating these things in our lives should be easier.  It’s like we let things (often unconsciously) get in the way of our creative flow, the thing I think is behind being able to not only create these elements in our lives but to also sustain them with ease becomes stagnantI often get asked what the biggest blocks are to creating abundance, success and personal freedom and I find that it’s generally comes down to one of or both of the following

1 – A Lack of Self Value
A large majority of the women do not know how to value themselves and what they do with the highest regard which leads to them playing small in their lives and businesses and when they do this the abundance and prosperity has a hard time flowing freely and steadily

2 – Fear
While we talk about wanting to be abundant and feel and be rich when it comes to actually making it happen the fear rolls in.  The fear might be fear of how your life might change when you have the sort of prosperity you’ve been dreaming of, it might be fear of who you’ll upset or even dis-empower when you are abundant, the fear of the discomfort that might come with taking abundance attracting action

So what can you do about this?  Look out for a new article from me in a few days where I’ll share my 3 favourite tips for kick starting your abundance journey

If you’ve got some great abundance tips then why not share them below.  I’d love to read them and am sure your fellow Creative Goddesses would love you to share

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