Limits. Are They Real or Imagined? How To Break Limiting Beliefs For Good

The world is a busy place. It’s a place where we face a large number of demands. There are barriers, boundaries, too do lists, rules and regulations everywhere we turn. How many of these limits are real and how many are imagined? In those article I share my insights and a powerful creative exercise to help you bust through the limits in your life and break limiting beliefs once and for all.

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like if you lived your life in a box. Sometimes that box might be large and roomy and sometimes it might feel so crowded that bits of you feel like they need to push through the walls just so you can breathe. The walls of your box are the limits you have in your life.

break limiting beliefs | Business coaching PerthWhen it comes to busting limits there can be a lot of questions to answer. Where do the limits I experience come from? Are they real or imagined and do I have any influence over them? You may even find yourself asking “What is a limit anyway?”

A limit is anything that get in the way of you living an empowered, confident, more joyous and abundant life. It is something that stops you from creating and experiencing success and co-creating and living a life that is filled with happiness.

How often have you got yourself in such a mess that you just can’t seem to find a way out? What sort of limit does this place on you and what impact does that have? How does the experience make you feel?

Break Limiting Beliefs

When it comes to busting through limits you have to start looking at things in a different way. To break limiting beliefs is a process.  Perspective is a big thing we often lose sight of. One of the first things to do is challenge whatever it is you see or feel is limiting you in some way. Take the approach that it’s not real until proven so.

Much of the time, when you stop and contemplate what’s truly real you’ll end up deciding that what you got yourself so bound up by isn’t really that real or that big of a deal after all. You have simply become entangled in the emotion and perception or belief that it’s real and when that happens it’s time to challenge it big-time!

Try this quick busting limits exercise to help you to see things from a different perspective

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  • Think about something in your life that feels like it’s limiting you in some way
  • Get yourself a piece of paper – the bigger the better
  • Draw a square or rectangle so it represents a box
  • Inside of the box write down all the facts you have that proves that the challenge or issue is real
  • Next turn the piece of paper up-side down so all that you’ve written inside is facing a different direction
  • Now think about all the evidence you have that proves the challenge or issue is just imagined and write that around the outside of the shape
  • Once you’re done turn it around as many times as you have to until what’s in the middle is just a blur and then let it go (literally if you want to)
  • Ask yourself “What do I stand to gain in my life by releasing this limit?”
  • Write that down and use it as your focus for moving forward


Breaking limits, real or imagined, can be one of the most empowering things to do for yourself, your business and your life. Take the challenge today and reap the rewards

Today I plan to share with you a tool that I use to create increasing ease in all areas of my life.  I have a great passion for adopting an effortless approach and living more effortlessly in general.  Having been bought up in a society and family that honoured the work hard effort I am someone who is recovering from the belief that to get anywhere in life I have to work very, very hard and then if I’m lucky I might get somewhere.  In the past couple of years I’ve decided that holding onto that belief was in fact one of my limits and that it was time for us to part ways and exist separately

Anyway enough about me – let’s get back to the intention I have for today’s post to share with you something I am sure can help you to bust your limits in a much easier way than you may have imagined.  It’s not a one size fits all, fixes all ‘cure’ but it’s a great step and a creative way to move in the right direction if you choose to give it a go

Creative Exercise: Creating A Path Of Ease

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  • First up I want you to believe that things can be easy or easier than you may have previously believed.  Even if you just have to pretend for just now – go with that and enjoy using your imagination
  • Next, think about something that’s been an issue, challenge or cause of concern for you recently.  It’s likely something that has been holding you back from experiencing more joy, love, success……
  • Set an intention to find a solution
  • Ask for support to uncover one or more actions you can take to help yourself address the concern
  • Now ask “How can this be easy / easier?” and go with whatever you come up with


When I do this I always get a great insight into what action I can take to break through whatever limit or challenge has been holding me back.   Trust plays a big part in you benefiting from this creative exercise.  Trust yourself, be open to the answers you receive and most of all dare to take action.  What have you got to lose?

Until next time I wish you abundant effortless success,

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