Breaking It Down #1 – Taking The ‘Pain’ Out Of Marketing

Focus Business SuccessOne of the things I love to do most as a Liberator Engineer is to break things down with the intention to create understanding and freedom.  So I’m going to start sharing a regular ‘Breaking It Down’ post with you to unravel what’s really at the core of the issues, challenges and overwhelm creating things you do as a business owner.

Today’s focus is on marketing and how to re-look at what it is at it’s core and in doing so to re-frame it so we can take the pain out of it for anyone who has ever heard themselves say “I’m no good at marketing”.

marketing is fun creative possibility business coachingJust recently I was sitting in a client session discussing marketing with one of my creative business clients.  As a highly visual, artistic person she openly admits she struggles with the business side of her business.  She’s dedicated to learning but just finds that there are some things she’s blocked about and it is these things that cause incredible overwhelm which sends her into a spin.  What happens then is she finds it difficult to know what to do and how to get past what’s holding her back.

Since we started working together I have heard her mention many times that she is “no good at marketing”.  I heard it again many times during her session so I decided (as the curious coach I am) to challenge her on this statement, which has ingrained itself as a belief that I believe, and she admits, is holding her back and in fact causing her pain!

When I asked her “why do you think you are no good at marketing?” she replied “I don’t know anything about it!”  “Really?” I replied.  “Maybe if you thought about it a different way you might see how you could be great at it.”  Intrigued she asked me to explain what I meant.

“Well, do you think you’re great at getting on with people?”


“Do you like to and can you share what you’re currently doing with your work / business / new product launches, etc?”


“Can you invite people to join you at a workshop, your next exhibition, to meet you for a coffee to chat about your business?”


“Well then you have what it takes to be great at marketing!”

Dumbfounded she asked me to tell her how.  I explained that when we break marketing down to it’s barest form it is (I believe) simply about sharing what you are doing and inviting others to join you.

Marketing (and all the other things you do as a business owner) do not have to be as hard as you make them out to be.  They do not have to cause so much pain and discomfort.  If you look at them in their simplest form you can break them down and see what’s at the core of whatever it is you have on your list to do.


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