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In the last installment of Breaking It Down I shared the first couple of ingredients to building an audience to grow your business.

Build An Audience And Grow Your Business Takes 4 Key Steps

The first two ingredients to achieving business growth by building an audience were

1. The Targeted Audience and

2. The Targeted Message

(you can read about these first two ingredients here)

Today I’m going to break down the final two ingredients in this important business success recipe.

They are an Engagement Strategy and an Audience Nurturing Plan!

3. Build an audience with your “Engagement Strategy”

Firstly let’s talk about what an engagement strategy is and is not.  An engagement strategy is the ways you will engage, or communicate or connect, with your audience, who may in turn become your customers or clients.  An engagement strategy will help to build an audience who love you!

If you don’t have a strategy clearly mapped out don’t fret.  It doesn’t have to be a complex document or even difficult to work out.  In fact I suggest you just identify 3-5 key ways that you can communicate with your audience.

Make sure they are ways that make sense to you, fit with your brand and align with the way your audience likes to be communicated with.  There is no point, for example, deciding to set up a Facebook group for your audience if they don’t use Facebook!  Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many times I have seen things set up that are way off the mark.  Just because it seemed like a good idea at the time doesn’t mean that it is right for you, your brand, or more importantly for your audience.

client engagement | build an audience | business coaching PerthHere’s three key questions to ask

1.  How do my audience prefer to hear from me?

Go for the majority response – you can’t please everyone when you build an audience.

2. How do I feel most comfortable communicating with people?

Communication is key if you want to engage people and even though I think the word has been overused many times, if you want to communicate in the right way your communication needs to be authentic for you and the person hearing from you.

3. If I could only choose 3 ways to communicate with my audience what would they be?

In today’s overly connected world we have so many options to communicate with and engage people.  Just because a new social media platform is launched or someone tells you about an exciting new marketing funnel does not mean you should abandon what you have been doing and try this new strategy.  It also does not mean you should add it to your list and try to do this along side everything else you are doing.

Distraction and over complicating things is the enemy of today’s business owner.  As a business coach I see this all the time.  Ask my clients and many will tell you that more than once they have heard me say “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”.

4. Build an audience with your “Audience Nurturing Plan”

Now that you have invested a lot to build an audience it is about looking after the valuable asset that your audience is for you, your business, each other and your extended networks.  nurture your clients | build an audience and grow your business

Nurturing starts from the heart.  Being heartfelt is good business sense!

Do not ever be afraid to let your heart be a part of your business strategy.

An Audience Nurturing Plan is simply the way you nurture or stay connected to your audience.  It can consist of all sorts of different things.  The nurturing part is key to build an audience as this is how you retain those wonderful people you have worked hard to connect with and do business with.

Create this plan after you have created your Engagement Strategy as that will give you clues as to how your audience might like to stay connected with you.

Here are a few suggestions of things you might like to include which will all help you build an audience (who love you!);

  1. Send a hand written note or card to all new clients or customers to welcome them and thank them for their business
  2. Document customer or client birthdays and send a little gift to let them know you remembered
  3. Host an event for your most important asset such as a launch, a networking event, an end of year party or something just to say thank you.  If you have a virtual business then make it a virtual event!
  4. If your clients have businesses of their own (like mine do) then showcase and promote them by sharing their events, products and services if they are aligned with your audience
  5. Send out regular email newsletters that are content rich and share great information your audience will value (I’ve been slack with this lately… newsletters re-launching next month 🙂 )
  6. Consider making your newsletters printed versions instead and post them out to your people
  7. Run a competition
  8. Get out and talk to your clients – have coffee with them, invite them to join you as your guest at an event, host a training morning!

I challenge you to revisit or define your engagement strategy and audience (customer / client) nurturing plan this week.  Feel free to share your discoveries or your challenges with a comment below.  Remember – build an audience and grow your business!

Until then I wish you abundant effortless success,

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