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I have been investing a load of time reviewing marketing trainBuild An Audience And Grow Your Business | Creative Possibility Business Coaching I completed some time ago.  Why?

Simply because I have found in the last month or so many clients and members of the small business community I connect with are finding things are quiet and that strategies they have used in the past don’t seem to be working.

They are not getting the same number of leads as they are used to, not getting the same number of deals as a few months ago and they are finding potential and actual clients are asking for discounts and trying to save as much as they can.  This is creating an interesting flow on effect that I am finding is leading to issues with self confidence, scarcity mindset, reduced action and different behaviour and more.

Some may say it’s a scary time to be in business.  I’m not going to sugar coat it and I am not going to pretend I have an magical answer to address the issues that are showing up across industries and being experienced by people at all levels of experience and success in their businesses.

We can blame the economy.

We can blame other things.

Or we can get back to basics and start with the foundations of business.

After listening to an awesome webinar with Danny Iny from Firepole Marketing about audience building it’s something I wanted to share with you today.  When things are challenged it comes down to getting back to basics so today I’m going to cover the foundation of why you should build an audience and grow your business.  In fact I’d hope you can build a loving audience, but let’s just start with the basics!

Build An Audience And Grow Your Business

Yes it is this simple.

The challenging part for many is how to grow your audience.

We are not going to cover the how today as it is a more complex process.  What I want to cover is why you need to build a targeted audience matched with a targeted message.

Without a targeted audience and a targeted message it will be more challenging to grow your business and sustain it long term.

It is that simple.  Think of it like a recipe with some key ingredients.  Here’s more about the first two.

1. The Targeted Audience

First up let’s look at what a targeted audience is.  You may have heard it referred to as your area of specialty or niche market.  It doesn’t matter the term really.  What matters is that you know who your solution (your product or service) is ideal for.

You want to know them intimately.  Who they are, what they do, their level of education, hobbies, family structure, buying habits, social media platforms they hang out on AND you want to know in detail the biggest problem they have in detail, including how it makes them feel.

Imagine for a moment that you are unwell and have some serious health problems.  Do you go to the local Doctor for all of your treatment?  The person who sees most people and helps out with most illnesses?  Or do you go to the best specialist you can find?  Someone who helps people with your particular health issues day in and day out?

Build An Audience And Grow Your Business

I bet you would prefer the second one.

Unfortunately many small business owners fail or struggle to target their audience and therefore the market don’t clearly understand you are the best person to help them with their problem.  When someone thinks you can help everyone they will more likely struggle to understand where they fit and what specifically you can do for them and that can mean they go somewhere else where there is resonance and they feel the solution is for them.

You want to identify a group of people who will be delighted to have found you!  A group of people, who, when then invest in what you are offering become happy, smiley people 🙂

2. The Targeted Message

Once you know who you are talking to and you understand their problem, issue or challenge it is about looking at what you have to offer and identifying how your product or service provides a solution, including how it will make them feel once the problem has been addressed.

You want to get as clear as you can.

Use this formula to write out your targeted message, being sure to include a few focused words that describe your ideal client.  Remember, helping “small business owners” is too broad.  Instead if you help “small business owners with a team of up to 5 staff who have no systems in their business and are overwhelmed with the confusion and lack of focus and productivity” you are speaking directly to a specific set of people who, when they recognise themselves in your message will want to know more.

You know how… [define the market and their problem]

Well…. [describe the solution]

So that…. [describe the key benefit/s]


There are two other key ingredients but it’s no point diving into them without the first two clear in your mind so I’ll save those for the next installment of Breaking It Down!

Just so you know what they are though, I can confirm that ingredients 3 and 4 of this recipe are an Engagement Strategy and an Audience Nurturing Plan!

I challenge you to revisit or define your targeted audience and targeted message this week.  Feel free to share your discoveries or your challenges with a comment below.  Remember – build an audience and grow your business!

Until next time I wish you abundant effortless success,

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