Burst Into 2014 With Positive Intention

Creative Possibility Business Coach 2014We’re here already.  It is the last day of 2013 and I am delighted to be moving forward into a new year.  It is not that 2013 has been a bad year but it’s certainly been one fraught with a certain style of challenge and I am ready to let those all go and move into the energy of the new year with fresh vigor and excitement.  It’s a time to burst forth and to do so with intention.

I love new opportunities and new beginnings.  The make me realise that the world is full of Creative Possibility.  Everywhere you turn is an opportunity to co-create something – a life, a business, a dream – that meets your needs, the needs of those you love and the greater community.

Here’s my 10 intentions for effortless success in 2014 and beyond (in no particular order)

1. Forgive – yourself, others, the past, the present!  the key to moving forward is to forgive.  Without forgiveness you’re stuck in the past and that just drags you down.  As Louise Hay says, forgiveness is the core of healing.  Healing brings you back to centre. It realigns your compass and puts you back on the path that’s right for you

2. Choose – yourself, your dreams, your visions and what’s right for you.  Choice is not selfish.  Rather not choosing and not choosing you can be selfish.  Make the most of the choices you have and take back control of your life and business

3. Act – on your choices.  Without action you will stay exactly where you are! Action creates momentum.  Imperfect action is delicious!

4. Believe – in you, your dreams, your visions and what’s right for you.  How can you expect anyone else to believe in you if you don’t believe in you?  Believe in things that are important to you and never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in

5. Question – get curious.  Curiosity is exciting.  It opens you to discovering new things.  Invent things.  Shake up the status quo and see what happens.  At the very least you may discover new adventures and opportunities you didn’t realise were right under your nose (or even a little further away)

6. Rest – take time out to rest on a regular basis.  No one can keep going without rest and the opportunity to renew.  Having had a few health problems the past few years that have left my energy non existent at many times I have learned this lesson the hard way.  Doing more will not achieve more.  Doing more, doing too much and constantly doing will push you over the wrong kind of edge.  Effortless success is about doing less and achieving more.  Do less.  Rest.  Your body, your mind, your emotions and your business will thank you for it every day (and so will those you love)

7. Laugh – often and a lot.  Laughter is known to release all sorts of endorphins that are just good for you on so many levels.  Don’t take life too seriously.  Take time to laugh with friends, family and loved ones on a regular basis.  Tell a joke just because you can and dare to laugh at yourself, just because you can.  You’ll feel so much better

8. Create – expressing yourself in a way that’s meaningful and exciting for you is so healing.  Every year I try to learn at least 2 new creative things.  In 2013 it was felting and jewelery design.  I’m not 100% sure what 2014 has in store for me but I’m excited about the creative time that is immersed in my week, every week.  It literally fills my heart with joy and will yours too.  Don’t worry about your artistic ability – that’s irrelevant.  Just create, express, play with colour and have fun

9. Receive – allow yourself to ask for help and receive it, in whatever form it needs to come.  Trying to be superwoman won’t get you very far.  I bet even she had help when she needed it.  Don’t be too proud, too ashamed, too scared, too confident or too anything to ask for and allow yourself to receive help

10. Celebrate – celebration and gratitude are essential.  They are healthy things to nourish your mind, your emotions and all the parts of your life you want to relish and expand.  Stop each day and remember the little successes, those things that make you smile and fill your heart.  Rejoice in the little things.  The little baby steps and simple accomplishments are just as magical as the big ‘stuff’ so don’t overlook them.  A heart filled with gratitude is one open to receive more, to attract more, to manifest more, over and over again

On that note I wish you the most amazing new year and and thank you so very much for your support and love this past year.  I’m off to celebrate the new year with a couple of my best friends – my husband and my soul-sister Rachelle.  Make 2014 count in a good way.

Don’t get to the end of the year and wish you had started today to step up and step out, on the path to conquer your business and personal goals and dreams.

Happy 2014 everyone!

Creative Possibility Perth Business Coach


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