Women in business just do things differently AND that's totally fabulous!

It is a very real fact, men and women are differnt in a multitude of ways.  I’m often thought of as a coach for women in business only and to be honest that’s a myth.  I work with both men and women entrepreneurs and small business owners, but as a woman in business myself I know personally there are differences in the way I do things and in how I want to market my business.

Having amassed a diverse collection of professional training over the course of my life I’ve invested a lot of time to better understand people.  My particular fascintation has been to understand how we, as women, can get out of our own way and confidently step forward in life.

When you know who you are, understand your core strengths and potential challenges AND how to overcome them, anything is possible

One of my proudest achievements has been the development of my own archetypal profiling framework for women.  Based on 12 archetypes, your profile taps you directly into your innate potential by connecting you to your Personal Leadership Style.

Since developing the framework in 2010 I’ve woven this core personal development tool into my business and work with business women in many ways.  Find out more about these personalised and life transforming solutions below.

Personal Leadership Profiling | Leadership Profiling for women | archetypes | archetypal profiling | Shannon Bush

Give yourself permission to discover who you really are and learn how to confidently own your strengths, maximise your effectiveness and unlock your effortless success zone!

This is what your Personal Leadership Style gives you as a minimum.  An archetypal profiling framework for women, you’ll discover the archetypes that describe who you are.  Learning the ins and outs of each of your archetype can give you a greater sense of self and helps to answer all those questions you’ve been challenged by.

Who am I?

What am I here to do?

Why do I do the things I do?

How can I harness my strengths?

What are my strengths?

Having profiled hundreds of women since publishing the framework, I’d love to help you understand the magic you have to offer yourself and the world.  You can complete your profile as a one of experience but also know that Personal Leadership Style profiling is also the first step in the coaching or education experience if we work together one on one or you join Magnetic Me or Market To Thrive ladies.

Invest in your potential with a profiling session here


Magnetic Me | Personal Leadership Program For Women | Marketing Program For Women | Marketing Business Coaching Perth | Shannon Bush

If you’ve discovered your Personal Leadership Style with a profiling session with me, then this is your next step to personal understanding and transformation.  Following a call from the hundreds of women who I’ve profiled since 2011, Magnetic Me is a 6 week program specifically for women to help you to truly embrace all you have to offer.

It’s your opportunity to discover and unleash your magnetism; the ultimate in being the best of you.

Magnetic Me dives deeper into the 12 archetypes and provides profound insights into each in relation to the 4 core M’s I teach; Mindset, Money, Marketing and Magnetism.

Participants describe it as the key to them stepping into life and business with more confidence than they have ever had and a defined sense of “this is me and I’m awesome.”  Want permission to be the very best version of you?  Magnetic Me is the experience that’ll give you that.

Like all of my programs, this is hosted live and there are 2-3 intakes each year.

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Market To Thrive | Mindset Marketing Program For Women | Marketing Training | Business Coaching Perth | Shannon Bush

Mindset, marketing and personal leadership meet in this program designed to teach women in business how to experience their own version of thriving by understanding the foundations of marketing and how to apply them to their businesses.

Mindset sets the scene and supports you to focus, stay motivated and keep the magnetism alive.

Marketing is what business growth is all about.  Without actively marketing you’ll likely struggle to attract and work with the clients you really want to work with.  At #CreativePossibiltyHQ when we talk marketing, we call it #MagneticMarketing.

Personal Leadership is the first step in the program.  It immediately taps you into understanding who you are, what you have the potential to do and the core of your effortless success zone.  Knowing this is the foundation of you learning how to Market To Thrive.

The program, now much loved and widely acclaimed since it’s launch in early 2016, is delivered live three times a year and has a limited intake to ensure personalised support.

Learn more and apply for the next round.