Calling All Visionary Creators… It is Your Time to Shine

Do you feel compelled to create, time and time again?

Has your life been about big visions and bold goals?

If I were to ask you to describe your personal leadership style – the way you express yourself in your life, your business, your career – would you respond with a colourful, bright description of how you’re going to fulfilling some great quest, be the first at something, infuse colour and creativity into everything you do and also help many many people along the way?

A Visionary Creator is one of the most common primary leadership archetypes expressed by entrepreneurial women.  Visionary women.  Women who thrive on creating.  Women who create in a big, bold, brightly coloured way.  Women who have a determination and passion that is big….. really big.  They see the potential in absolutely everything and they love the thrill of the journey to bring their dreams to reality

As a leader, a Visionary Creator is the one with all the ideas.  She’s key to your team’s success if you’re all about doing things in new, different ways.  Her natural expression is grounded in clear-sighted vision, creativity, innovation and fun.  She generally see’s things before anyone else and is often considered a real pioneer, the one who goes first, who leads the way for others across new terrain, navigating intersting, challenging landscapes with a refreshing, beautiful approach

Want to know if you really are a Visionary Creator and how to leverage your natural strengths to create Effortless Success?  Join me at an upcoming seminar, launching locally in October 2011

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