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LOE 078 | Advocate Rescuer | The Thrive Factor Book Series

Thrive Factor Book Series LOE Podcast Shannon Bush Business Marketing Coach Perth Advocate Rescuer

LOE 078 | Meet the Advocate Rescuer Archetype

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Welcome to the first installment of The Thrive Factor book series of Law of Effortlessness Podcast – last week, you heard Business Coach Shannon Bush talk briefly about each of the twelve archetypes, and today you get to meet just a few of the amazing women Shannon has profiled as an Advocate Rescuer. These women have bravely put their hands up to share their experiences and wisdom after uncovering their archetype as the Advocate Rescuer.

In this powerhouse episode, you’ll meet Yvonne Atkinson, Angelique Bavich, Kylie-Jo Barker who share their stories and insights post-profiling and what it means to them, their strengths and challenges, and how they use the knowledge and insight to create thriving businesses.

Tune in to hear Shannon chat to Yvonne about her Advocate Rescuer as Yvonne describes her first encounters as being hard, frustrating and heavy – and how she now uses the archetype to be the balancing factor to the other archetypes that are present, and how she came to embrace this side of herself.

Keep listening for Angelique’s take on the Advocate Rescuer archetype including her experiences of learning to say no to things, in order to say yes to herself, and how that, in turn, teaches her family, friends, and clients to care for themselves and put themselves first. You’ll also here Angelique speak about the challenges she faces in knowing the difference between helping and rescuing someone.

Shannon finishes this episode with one very special guest, Kylie-Jo Barker who had been part of the Creative Possibility team for a long time. Kylie-Jo shares how learning that she has a voice, and it is valuable and valid has been the biggest blessing, and challenge and how she has learned to recognize when she is and is not using her voice effectively. 

What is the Amazon #1 Best selling book The Thrive Factor about? The Thrive Factor book featues 12 personal leadership Archetypes for women in business, providing valuable information for each archetype on its expression of mindset, marketing, money and magnetism.

Notable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“I have learned to love my Advocate Rescuer. She is an advocate for me.” – Yvonne

“When she’s in her advocate role, when she says NO – that’s when she shows my clients, friends and family it’s ok to look after myself first.” – Angelique

“I have a voice and I can be respected for it.” – Kylie-Jo

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The Thrive Factor Book Launch is happening soon!

The Thrive Factor Book Cover | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | Business Women | Archetypes for women

Super excited to let you know about something very cool that is happening very soon. In fact in the next week or two…

My new book is launching!

After what seems like forever, this book is finally coming to life and the date my team and I are working towards is a Kindle launch for end of January 2019 swiftly followed by the launch of the paperback version.

The best way to be the first to hear how you can get your copy is to register your interest at We will send an email out as soon as we have more information, which should be very soon.

What’s the book about?  Well if you have followed me for any length of time you will know about the archetypal personal leadership framework I created in 2010 and 2011. It was featured in my Amazon best selling book in 2013, Personal Leadership Style.

Back then I was working with the archetypes with my female clients and focusing on their personal attributes, strengths and challenges. However I was nearly solely working with women in business and so began to map the things I was seeing repeated for each archetype in relation to mindset, marketing, money and magnetism. The information was consistently well received when I shared it with clients and participants in programs like Market To Thrive.

So in 2017 I began taking the dream of writing a new book and started to put the words together. It’s been a mamoth task that has involved many people and it is now so close to being no longer a dream, but a reality.

Over the last couple of years my fascination with thriving has also evolved and deepened/ It seemed only right to me to review what the framework was previously christened. So the archetypes are now referred to as the Thrive Factor Archetypes and this new book is all about you, as a business woman, getting to know yourself, unlocking your effortless success zone and totally thriving.

Cannot wait to hear what you think about it when you get to read it.

For now, though, head to and register your interest.

Let’s get excited about thriving! Totally thriving!

LOE 050 The Power of Potential w/ Ricci-Jane Adams and Laura Elkaslassy

LOE 050 The Power of Potential with Ricci Jane Adams and Laura Elkaslassy Business Coach Marketing | Excellence Collective

Welcome to episode 50 of the Law of Effortlessness Podcast.

In this special International Women’s Day 2018 episode, Shannon is joined by Laura Elkaslassy, #ProfitPioneer, money mentor and founder of Adroit Business, and Ricci-Jane Adams, intuition expert and founder of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. Together this powerful duo live up to the power of their potential through their collaboration, The Excellence Collective.

They achieve this by supporting women to meet their entrepreneurial magnitude through exceptional immersive events designed to exponentially increase the entrepreneurial woman’s power to serve on her chosen path. Tune in as they discuss making money on the path to service, easily and gracefully and understanding the power of stepping out of routine to magnify their power, and entrepreneurial magnitude.

Listen in to this episode to hear about the magic moment Laura and Ricci-Jane met, and how together they helped each other meet their fears and ask, “What else is possible?”

You’ll learn more about the opportunity of The Excellence Collective in Tuscany, Italy (at which Shannon is a guest presenter), trusting your intuition, how the Law of Effortlessness shows up, and the science behind immersing yourself in a new environment to open new ideas, creativity, and possibility and effortlessness into your business and life. This is a not to be missed episode.

Happy International Women’s Day 2018! This episode, in honour of all women in business, will knock your socks off in the most inspiring way.

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Connect with Ricci-Jane and Laura on their website here and on Facebook here.

Find out more about The Excellence Collective in Tuscany or book a chat with Laura and Ricci-Jane here.

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“It’s about women not following a cookie-cutter version of what success looks like.”

“How do you bring the adventure back to this entrepreneurial path?”

“If something is feeling easy and blessed, trust that!”

“We have figured out how to make money, and how to meet our fears of money.”

LOE 036 Money Musing The WOW Way w/ Christina Cabrera | Podcast

In Episode 036 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, your host Shannon Bush talks with Wisdom Of Wealth founder, Christina Cabrera on the topic of Money Musing The WOW Way.

Christina is an amazing Money Muse for Women, a dynamic speaker and workshop leader. With 30 years of investment experience and skills to transform money mindsets, she is empowering women to make inspired, educated choices for themselves and their money.

Christina talks about 3 important themes she wants people to know and understand.

Firstly, know that women are wired to be good with money – just ask Warren Buffet – he invests like a girl;

Secondly, understand the difference between “Investing vs Spending” (money or anything for that matter) – it’s a shift in how you think which can revolutionise your path to abundance and money freedom;

and finally, build WOW-moments in your life (Wisdom of Wealth Moments) – create space and awareness in your thinking, is helps you unlock your inner wisdom about who you are and the abundance and wealth you can create in every way.

This episode offers a refreshing look at money and wealth from a lady who’s been in the business of helping others to get sorted with their money, their mindset and then to be inspired to take the action required to create and grow from a wealth perspective.

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her website, Facebook group, or book your one hour Money Empowerment Session here.

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“Its not just about learning to manage the money part, its how we manage our relationship with money.”

“Creating wealth is disappointingly simple. Wealth is created in the mind first.”

“Ask yourself: what would [insert your name here] do?”

“Step into the sunshine of awareness.”

“Your consistency shapes who you are.”

“Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.”

LOE 006 – Beautiful, Beautiful Money w/ Sylvia Chierchia | Podcast

loe podcast 006 sylvia chierchia beautiful money

Episode 006 of Law Of Effortlessness opens the conversation around money, purpose and business. Host Shannon Bush chats with Sylvia Chierchia, a passionate money coach supporting women business owners to sort their money “stuff” in a beautiful way.

Sylvia and Shannon talk mindset, uncovering your money story, why defining your money purpose is not only a real eye opener but something that you definitely want to do, plus the power of stepping up with your money for your life and business now and into the future. Having founded their careers in the corporate space before becoming business owners, these women share a love and commitment to helping women thrive in business with greater ease and effortlessness, which shows through in every line of this episode.

Discover how the Profit First philosophy (trust us, this is something you totally want to know about!) ties wonderfully with all things Law Of Effortlessness and be inspired with every word of this new episode of Law Of Effortlessness Podcast.

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Connect with Sylvia Chierchia on her website, her Facebook page, or in her Facebook group, Beautiful Money or check out her amazing money and mindset program for women business owners, Step Up

Find out more about Profit First, the inspirational book by Mike Michalowicz

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STEP UP Money Program Sylvia Chierchia Business Coach Perth

Making Offers in Facebook Groups Doesn’t Mean A Discount

making facebook offers | business coach perth

Offers are fabulous.

Offers help you connect with potential clients and prospects.

Offers can help you grow your brand and position your message.

Offers can increase your business income.

Offers can be fun, engaging and rewarding to make and to invest in.

Offers are a very many things.

Offers are not an opportunity to automatically discount yourself, your products or services.

Today I want to open the conversation about offers.

I’ve seen many, many gorgeous, inspiring, passionate and brilliant women in business getting so caught up in the world of offers in the land of Facebook Groups over the last few months.

I have also seen them getting burned out, tired of the whole process, choosing not to make offers, having their “money stuff” come up and so, so, soooooo much more.

Quite simply, it is frustrating the hell out of me.

There’s a few reasons for that – some are in my video below, but to summarise here’s the main things that bug me, big time!

When you offer at a continual discounted rate you’re not owning your true value or showing people what it costs to invest to work with you.

This sets up false expectations of your usual “fees” or prices and can make it more difficult for people to invest to work with you in different ways if they’re budgeting at a “discounted” rate or trying to get an idea of what it might be like to work with you based on what they’ve worked out your rate might be, from the offers they have seen you post.

Here’s an example; I don’t coach by the hour.

Clients invest to work with me as a private client for a period of 6 months or more or they join one of my training and coaching programs like Market To Thrive or one of my masterclasses, like my planning masterclass Plan To Thrive.

I rarely offer any other options as I’ve tried and they haven’t worked with my business model.

IF someone wanted an hour of my time to work on something specific it’d be at a rate of $380 or more right now.

I do occasionally offer an intro session to people and I make this available at half my current hourly rate.  That is a one time only deal and I am upfront that it is an intro rate only so people can get a feel for what it would be like to work with me.  It has very specific and well defined boundaries and I share the “terms and conditions” with everyone when I post one of these intro offers.

It makes it clear for people that to work with me as a coach takes a different investment in terms of time and money and I truly believe that is very important to do.

You might be different in your business, but as a coach, having been coaching and consulting in the small business space since 2009, I know that people who commit longer term get better and more sustainable, long term results.

I don’t know about you but I’m not after quick fixes and instant gratification – it rarely delivers and just leaves me feeling all icky about the experience.

A single session can be awesome to target a specific challenge, issue, or problem or to reach a specific outcome, but it’s not what’s going to make long term change and create long term results, which are the things my clients are looking for.

Anyway I digress….

I created a little video so I could actually talk about it and you could hear what I have to say and below you will find a bit of a summary of what I’m getting at, why it bugs me and what you can do about it.

I really believe that the whole offer process should be something that is fun and engaging (and even exciting when someone says “yes, I’m in”).

It shouldn’t be the thing that brings up all the money related challenges you’ve got bubbling away beneath the surface (or slapping you in the face like a wet fish if that’s what’s happening).

So next time you have an opportunity to make an offer think seriously about making an offer for someone to work with you, at your usual rates, at “full price”, at the price or value you’re actually worth.

Love to know what you think about all of this, so do pop a comment in the space below and feel free to share this article with your peeps 🙂

Until next time…. wishing you a whole load of totally thriving!

Shannon Bush Signature | Marketing Coach | Can You Be A Marketer




STEP UP Money Program Sylvia Chierchia Business Coach Perth

Stuck with money stuff?  Want to change that?  Awesome – I have a solution for you!

:: Transform your money stuff AND get some serious help with planning for your business :: it really is a recipe for THRIVING ::

:: Is money a constant worry for you?
:: Never seem to have enough or when it does come in it doesn’t last long enough or seems to vanish before your eyes?
:: Have you ever considered things like the impact of your mindset, what your inner critic is getting up to, how you look, think and feel about money and what that’s doing for you?
:: What about the practicalities of it all? There are so many things to do to “manage” and grow your money and it can be very, very overwhelming

Fear not…. there is a solution for all gorgeous women in business who are really ready to step up and sort out their money.

Earlier this year I joined the inspirational Sylvia Chierchia for her new program Step Up: Your Money, Your Life. I felt honoured to be in the first group of women to do the program and it was (and still is because of the continued benefits I’m reaping) AMAZING! Sylvia really knows her stuff and is so focused on helping women with their money that you can’t help but experience transformation.

Good news for everyone is Sylvia is launching another round. I’m such an advocate of her work (I also coach with her as a private client because she’s so awesome) that I have become an affiliate for her next round, launching in June. This really is my way to publicly endorse Sylvia and all she teaches.

Money work can really transform your wealth – your money, your value, how to stand in your value and be well paid, how to pay yourself, how to increase your wealth and more! Starting work on this was the best investment I made for myself and my business and I love to do active money work as often as I can. It’s soooooo worth it.

You can find out more about the Step Up Program at and as an added bonus for anyone who signs up using my link, you’ll get a free spot in my June Masterclass, Plan To Thrive, where we’ll spend 90 mins together in a group planning out your next quarter using my Effortless Success Framework, my holistic, go-to planning tool I’ve been using in my business for myself and my clients for years – it’s engaging, fun, puts you in the picture and leads to great results with it’s focus and simplicity. The masterclass is valued at $98! PLUS one lucky person will also win a place in my Effortless Success Plan Mastermind group launching in July where I’ll work with you in a focused, supportive group environment to guide you to act on your plan and create an incredible quarter for yourself.

Forgiveness In Business: Let Go Of What’s Holding You Back From Success

Feel like you’re not getting where you want to go?  Learning the meaning of forgiveness in business might be just the thing you’ve been looking for

I just read over the weekend that today, August 3rd, is International Forgiveness Day.  When I’m coaching I find there are all sorts of unexpected opportunities for an intentional forgiveness practice.

Forgiveness in Business | Business Coaching Perth | Osborne Park | Subiaco

We hold onto a lot of “stuff” that can really get in the way of moving forward and beyond whatever the experience was.  It can be a whole lot of different types of “stuff” and it is likely you are not even conscious of what it’s doing to you and your business.

Rather than getting concerned about what it is you could take action to release the emotional ties to this “stuff” and instead create an environment of forgiveness in business that helps you to stay focused, motivated and energised to move forward to the next level of success.

Here’s a few of my favourite ways to create forgiveness in business

  1. If there was an issue with someone that left you feeling bad for some reason reach out to them and let them know you feel bad and see how you can resolve the feeling.  This is not about saying sorry if you didn’t do anything wrong, or even accepting something someone else did as right or wrong, it is just about saying “I don’t feel good about how we left things” and “I want to change that.”
  2. Write a forgiveness letter.  The letter captures all the things that didn’t sit right with you or you want to forgive and it also details what you want to feel in place of anything that is negative or impacting you in a way it shouldn’t.  You don’t have to post the letter.  Writing it is very cathartic and a positive way to approach things
  3. Add a forgiveness practice to your daily gratitude practice.  Write down three to five things a day you want to forgive so you can move past and beyond them
  4. Write a list of all the things that have happened in the past 3, 6 or even 12 months where you have felt, for some reason, like you didn’t achieve how you wanted to.  This is not to work out why you didn’t achieve, but to forgive yourself for whatever failure you have decided you created.  Read your list out loud and after ever thing you read say “I forgive myself and know that at the time I did the very best I can.  I am enough.”

This is just a short list but it’s filled with things I love and I know could help you to create forgiveness in business and life.  I have worked closely with many clients, guiding them through their own forgiveness processes for things in business, to do with money, relationships with others, perceptions of self and more.

forgiveness in business | Business Coaching Perth, Osborne Park, Subiaco

Be kind to yourself today and everyday.  Let International Forgiveness Day be your day to start a practice of forgiveness in business and free yourself from what’s holding you back.

This week find something you can forgive yourself or someone else for and flow forward in life, smiling all the way!

Until next time I wish you abundant effortless success

shannon bush small business coaching perth



Want to learn how to really market your business?  It is about learning how to network confidently.  That’s a key step, but it is really about learning how to

1. Generate more leads   thriving entrepreneur small business coaching program

2. Make more conversions

3. Create more transactions

4. Charge the right prices and

5. Increase your profits

As a value add to my coaching services I offer small business owners the opportunity to access an incredibly powerful e-learning business building and marketing system.  You can find out more and get started with our free video training series The 3 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Businesses Make… And How To Overcome Them AllGet access to this training and begin transforming your business here

How To Overcome Overwhelm (So You Can Get Back To Focusing And Using Your Business Brilliance)

Overwhelm Be Gone Creative Possibility Shannon Bush

Overcome Business Overwhelm

One thing I find is a challenge for many business owners (and in fact people in general) is focusing their time, energy and attention so that they can get the results they want. I regularly hear stories from the people I meet at networking events and when I first meet potential clients where they share that they are doing a lot but either not getting the results they want, or they are feeling exhausted, uncertain, unfocused, unmotivated and they just don’t know what to do.

Any time I hear the words used above, or anything similar I know that someone is on or on the verge of overwhelm. My immediate reaction, as an experienced coach with a professional background in health, including time as a therapist, is to help them to understand a few key things about the state they are in. Awareness helps you to create solutions. Knowing what’s happening for you gives you insight and that is where the solutions can be born. My next response is to work with them to see what can be done to mitigate or resolve the cause of the overwhelm.

Depending on the situation and how deep someone is ingrained in overwhelm, the solution can take some time to implement but don’t be disheartened. Here are my favourite three tips you can implement immediately to get you refocused and back on track which also gives you more time to deal with the overwhelm and ideally to limit it’s impact and prevent it’s return.  It is about learning how to overcome business overwhelm.

1. Understand Your Response To Overwhelm

In most cases there are three classic responses to overwhelm. I have seen people respond in each of the two main ways as well as a combination of the two. When overwhelmed you will likely push yourself and do more, believing that if you just got on top of things (by working yourself to the extreme) you’ll be ok. This is something I refer to as the “frenzied state.” Alternatively you may go into something I refer to as an “arresting state” where you literally can’t do anything. The overwhelm is so big and so exhausting that you can’t do anything at all. Lastly you may go into a space where you alternate between both states – the frenzied or the arresting and that will probably leave you feeling like you’re spinning out of control and going around and around in circles. When you are aware of your response it makes it easier to recognise the patterns and behaviours before overwhelm takes hold and gets a chance to wreak havoc on you and your business

2. Take Some Time Out

Yes I know this might sound crazy and counterproductive but trust me when I say it is exactly what you need to do. I remember being very much the frenzied person at different times in my life and I am sure if someone had told me to stop and do nothing I’d have thought they were crazy. Overwhelm is more often than not a sign that you are not coping and you need a break. So rather than spinning around in circles getting no where take 15 minutes or 30 minutes and go outside, get some fresh air and some time out.

3. Write A Master List

I have, in the past, often heard people say “but I have to keep…. (doing / going etc.) or else I will forget!” To prevent you from forgetting or from fearing that the last big amazing idea you had might vanish if you don’t act on it now (this creates instant distraction and poor focus) get yourself a notebook and make it your master list. It can be the one place you write down all the ideas you get, the things you want to do, the goals you have, the solutions you identify, that great product you just know has to go to market. Once it is written down you have no fear of losing it which frees you up to get back to what you were doing and immediately limits the overwhelm by setting in place support for you to accomplish the 3-4 key things that are the priority for your day