Celebrate What You Love

LoveI’ve just returned from an inspiring time away with my husband, my parents and his parents to celebrate my father in law’s 70th birthday early in November. It was a truly amazing time as we traveled through South Africa with our parents and as a bonus there was a few extra special days for my husband James and I to spend with one of our best friends in Cape Town. While we were away I was reminded daily of the importance of celebrating what you love. This time away and sharing with some of the most important people in my life was something I will never forget. It was more than a holiday, it was a reminder to me that too often we can take for granted those who are most dear to us and forget to let them know how important they are, and an opportunity to re-focus my inner lead-HER-ship from this point forward

I’ve had such a busy year which has been fabulous, but it’s also meant that some of the people and things that I treasure the most have not had as much of my time as they deserve, or that I deserve. Therefore as I approach the final month of 2011 and think about what sort of year I want 2012 to be I see a gift in the time I have just had away as it’s made me stop and reflect on what’s really important and how I can ensure that what I love is celebrated at every possible moment

Here’s the 3 biggest lessons I learned from this time away:

  1. I always have a choice about how I use my time
    One of the many reasons I went into business was to be able to work a schedule that fitted my needs best. At time’s it’s been easy to achieve and at others I’ve found it a struggle to maintain the balance I know is essential to my being the best I can be for my clients, my peers, my family, my friends and most importantly myself. The lesson I learned by taking time out is that when it comes to creating the balance I crave, I always have a choice about how I use my time

  2. Regular time off is essential for success
    I know this one well but I am only human, and with the demands and joys of being a business owner I certainly forgot how important taking time off really is. When did you last take some time out… and I mean some genuine, really time out where you had no email, no phone, no work, no distractions, just pure magical blissful you time? Before you start jamming your 2012 calendar with all the things you think you have to do to create success in your life mark in your time out first! My holidays, which is the time I need to give my creative Goddess the time she needs to rest, rejuvenate and rejoice in being her best self has to be a priority on the journey to Effortless Success and they’ll be going into my annual schedule first from now on

  3. Celebrate what you love daily
    I am a great believer in the power and supportive self love that comes with daily reflection and recording of your personal success and gratitude but I feel that what’s been missing has been some kind of celebration of what I love most. With that in mind I’m adding an extra step to my daily ritual of recording 5 things that I am most grateful for and 5 things that have been a success in my day by also doing something to celebrate the things I love most. I’m not entirely sure what this celebration will look like but that doesn’t matter. The point is that I’m celebrating and that, in itself, is worth celebrating

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