Dare To Compare? Do And You’ll Lose

Ultimate Blog Challenge Post 4

In yesterday’s article I shared part 2 of my series on Identity Confusion (read it here) and in that I highlighted 3 key actions or activities that you’re likely doing right now that are destined to send you straight into a state of identity confusion, overwhelm, limitations and anything else you can think of that distracts you, keeps you tired, challenged and struggling to stay motivated

The first of these actions was comparison.  Today I’m going to share with you a little more about the impact of comparison and tomorrow our focus will be on what to do to counter act it with one of my effortless success creating actions

So comparison – what’s it all about?  in simple terms it’s comparing yourself to someone else.  Perhaps it’s someone you admire or look up to.  Perhaps it’s a personal friend, mentor or someone you met through your business.  It may even be someone you’ve never met but whom you admire anyway.  Often when we compare it’s to someone or something that we have something in common.  Not always though.  That’s quite irrelevant in my experience.  What’s relevant is the self talk and action we go into when we compare

Think for a moment about what happens in your inner and outer world when you compare yourself to someone else…..

Do youComparison Kills Your Identity

  • Think what they are doing is better than you?
  • Feel like a failure?
  • Wonder what you need to do to be as successful as them?
  • Copy what they are doing?
  • Decide it’s not worth it and throw it all in?

When we compare ourselves to others it’s common to measure ourselves in a way where we always come up short.  We decide we’re inadequate, a failure, not good enough, not capable enough… you get the picture.  Comparison is a distraction.  It gets in the way of you discovering who you are and sharing that with the world.  No two people, products or services are exactly the same.  You know what they say about comparing apples and oranges? They are just not the same so there is no point!

Comparison will immediately put you at risk of identity confusion

What to do about it?  Stop comparing yourself immediately.  Comparing is a waste of your time and energy.  Imagine if you put all the energy you give to comparing into taking action to be who you really are, or if you don’t quite know who that is yet, then to discovering it?  How do you think that would make you feel?

Share your stories about the demon that comparison can be below.  Sharing gives us all a chance to learn, realise we are not alone and do something to create positive, supportive, nourishing change that serves us in an empowering way


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