Innovation Challenge 1: Defining Your Vision

visionDo you have a clear description of what your vision for your life is? If so when did you last review it and check in to see it is still aligned to your current ‘vision’? If not then why not?

To kick start the month long Innovation Challenge I invite you to get creative by defining your vision. Now you can go ahead and create a vision board or vision book if you like. I personally love them and am so behind the power of images but I also believe that you need to add words to those images to give them a powerful boost

So I’d like you to either get out your written or picture version of your vision for your future and see what’s relevant and then bring it up to date. Make it more exciting, more inviting, more energizing any way you like. Remember we are all about innovation this month and a big part of being innovative is seeing things differently, opening your mind and your eyes wider and letting the magic of Creative Possibility flow to you freely and easily

Go on, get defining! Here’s an awesome reflection question a friend shared with me recently that might just help the process…

“It is now the day of your 85th birthday and you are about to celebrate with a great big party with people coming from all over the place to honor and celebrate your life. Who would be there and what would they have to share about you? your accomplishments, what sort of person you are, how you have inspired them?”

Define, using as much detail as possible what that looks, feels and sounds like. Then you will have a clearly defined vision. Dare to be amazing!

I’d love you to share what you create so please let us know more about your vision by adding a comment below

Wishing you succulent, effortless success,


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