Embracing The Real You: 3 Questions To Help You Discover And Speak With Your Own Voice

Ultimate Blog Challenge Post 5

In today’s post I promised to share the first of 3 Counter-Actions To Take To Show Up As The Real You a genuine effortless success creating strategy that’ll support you to address any challenges that have arisen from your personal identity confusion, a theme we’re expanding on currently

So what to do to combat comparison, one of the biggest contributors to identity confusion and block to you being and sharing the real you?

Use Your VoiceSpeak with your own voice!

Now some may tell you this should be child’s play.  In my experience speaking with your own voice can be a real challenge.  That’s compounded by the degree of comparison you’re wrapped up or trapped in.  Here’s 3 steps to help you discover and speak with your own voice

1. Ask yourself “What will it take for me to stop comparing myself to others?”

This is an extension of what I shared yesterday and I do have a tendency to bang on about this topic as it’s something I’m passionate about.  Comparison is something you have to shed if you’re to discover and speak from your own voice.  This question may seem simple but it’s very powerful so ask away, allow yourself the space and some quiet time to hear the answer and then take action and follow what you hear

2. Ask yourself “When I share with others (with my spoken or written voice) what am I most passionate about, what makes my heart sing?”

This is a big clue to connect you with your real, authentic, genuine voice – it’s this voice you want to use most of the time.  The more you use this voice the less likely you’ll be to compare yourself to something or someone else.  I warn you, using your own voice, once you find it, is addictive!  (and who said that addiction was all bad?)

3. Ask yourself “What am I scared or afraid of others finding out if I show / share the real me?”

Ok this is a big one and can be quite confronting for some people to ask but I really want you to dare to ask this question and be honest with yourself about the answer.  It, like your answer to the previous question, can give you massive insights into what’s stopping you from speaking with your own voice

A bonus question to ask yourself in response to the answer to this revealing one is “What can I to do right now that proves to me that this fear is not real?” then take action and prove to yourself that the fear is unfounded.  It may take asking this question daily for a while to stop the fear from taking over but I know you can do it!

In tomorrow’s post I’ll be sharing more about self doubt as a contributor to identity confusion.  It’s certainly related to comparison but I hope to give you some different perspectives on self doubt to get you thinking about it in a different way.  Stay tuned….

As always I’d love you to share your thoughts on speaking with your own voice and how you found asking these questions by adding your comments below.  Sometimes just the asking and sharing can be the biggest step to moving from where you are now to where you really want to be.  Be brave!

Extra bonus!  I recently shared an empowering conversation with Michelle Shaeffer, blogger extraordinaire and she had a lot to say about finding your own voice and sharing it.  Click here to read more about our chat and download and listen to the free podcast episode as part of my show, Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life on Web Talk Radio


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