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Have you been asking yourself this critical question? “Do I Need A Business Coach?”

If you’re someone who is highly engaged, excited about your work, and reaching your goals, hopefully that keeps you inspired and on track on a daily basis.  If it doesn’t or if you find yourself waning and wondering what you’re doing and what you achieved at the end of the day then it is likely you are one of those business owners who feels the demands and pressures of consistent competing forces that can slowly (or sometimes very quickly) chip away at your best intentions, leaving you frustrated and lacking in motivation over time.

You have probably asked yourself a critical question more than once; “Do I need a business coach?”.  To answer this important question there are a few things to consider.

do I need a business coach| small business coaching | Perth

How do I know I need help? Do I need a business coach?

Firstly check in and see if any of these sings sound familiar:

— You’re overwhelmed, discouraged, exhausted, and you feel disengaged

— You can’t be bothered with things you used to love

— Everything is starting to feel hard

— You feel lonely and just wish you had someone to ask questions and bounce ideas off

— You are working really long hours and not getting results or it just seems like you are going backwards, not forwards!

Ok so one or more of these things are what I’m facing right now. What do I do? Do I need a business coach?do I need a business coach| small business coaching | Perth

When you feel your motivation starting to wane you need to get your groove back, to pick yourself up and get back to a place where you feel strong, energized, and positive again. The bad news is that this can be a challenge. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

This is where coaching can be an invaluable asset.

Business coaching is a particular type of business leadership development that can be customised and tailored to you, totally focused on your success and achievement.

As a coach, it’s my job to care as much about your success and achievement as you do. When you have a coach, it almost feels like there are two of you because you do, finally, have someone right there beside you working with you to achieve your goals.

If you often think that it would take two of you to pull off everything you’re trying to do in your work and life, you may need a coach. Here are six other key signs to watch out for:

1. Feeling Overwhelmed

If you’re feeling lost in your to-do list, unable to focus and challenged when it comes to making a plan of attack to get things done a coach can help you sort priorities and get focused, allowing you to feel more in control and confident about where to best invest your attention, time, resources and more.

2. Feeling Discouraged or Disheartened

It can be enormously frustrating to want success and quality of life and somehow not be able to attain it.

A coach can help you reconnect to your internal motivation for doing things, and reconnect with the things that you love and want to do, both in business and personally. Doing what you want to do will help lift your spirits.

3. Being in Chaos

With so much to do, respond to, pay attention to, and think about, you can start to feel buried. The demands are steady, the e-mails keep coming, and you have a thousand places to be. You fly through things as fast as you can just to stay afloat.

A coach helps you to identify your inner compass so you can get back on track and make order of your actions. Without order you’ll become more distracted and this will negatively impact your results.

4. Making Poor Choices

When you lead a small business it can be easy to get confused about success and quality of life, so much so that you find yourself facing a dilemma. You end up making decisions you don’t want to make and sacrificing the things that really count (like time with your loved ones) to ensure you meet the needs of your clients and customers.

I often ask people who are working silly long hours and sacrificing the things that they claim are important what they’d do if they had a “job” like the one they have created for themselves. Mostly they say they’d leave and get another job! It is interesting when I point out that the “crappy” boss they have right now is actually themselves!

A coach will help organise your time so you’re not missing the balance and time you need to maintain your mental health, motivation, ability to think and be creative and more.

5. Feeling “Average”

When you lose sight of the bigger vision you end up spending too much time doing the little, often distracting and non income producing things instead of increasing your value and putting action into the things that count. You forget about those high expectations you had. You just shoot for “good enough” and “done.”

This is ok sometimes. But it is not ok ongoing. Not if you really want to grow your business and achieve your own version of success.

A coach helps you set standards for yourself so you’re not just plodding along, looking for the lowest common denominator. A coach helps you raise the bar for yourself in a way that’s invigorating and sees you experience rewarding results.

6. Feeling Dissatisfied

When you aren’t able to pinpoint your contribution and live a life of meaning your achievements can feel hollow and pointless. You might feel disconnected, bored, isolated, unmotivated, stagnant, or burned-out. You might even start to wonder what it’s all for.

You may not be able to lift yourself out of the doldrums, but with a coach you can transform your perspective and get back to a place where you’re excited about your work, find it easier to take action, focus on what is really important to get results and get back to achieving your personal and professional goals.  So instead of asking or wondering ‘Do I need a business coach’ take action today and change your future for the better.


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